7 Ideas for a Paleo-Compatible Breakfast

If you tell friends and acquaintances that you do without cereals and especially wheat products such as bread and pastries, it doesn’t take long and you hear the question: “But, what else can you have breakfast?”

In fact, conventional breakfast variants are pretty desolate: Buns with jam or a sandwich are the standard. In Bavaria a pretzel, in France a croissant. Not infrequently, however, the same thing is eaten for breakfast every day during the week: A butter pretzel every day and a “real” breakfast with jam, ham or cheese at weekends.

A Paleo-compatible breakfast can be very varied if you literally look outside the breakfast box! Here are seven breakfast variants: From simple to difficult, from home to on the go, from sweet to savoury. Something different for every day of the week!

1: Scrambled eggs

In the classic scrambled eggs alone, there are many possible combinations: With or without bacon, with or without something small cut vegetables, or as described in Felix’s new book * on page 66: Also with apple compote.

Scrambled eggs should be made with plenty of butter in the pan and over a relatively low heat. Depending on the time available, you can still stir for a quarter of an hour and let the egg stump slowly and creamily. An accurate and scientifically sound guide for official French scrambled eggs can be found in the puzzles and secrets of the art of cooking scientifically explained * by Hervé This-Benckhard *. Even if it has to go fast, scrambled eggs can taste good, then you should be careful not to bake it too much to the pan.

Mostly I combine the scrambled eggs with a few walnuts and cranberries or some ham. I then have to eat it quickly, because my daughters like to give me something of it before their actual kindergarten breakfast …

Related to scrambled eggs is the fried egg, which is here as a bonus proposal, without consuming an extra place among the seven – We don’t want to cheat.

2: Coconut milk berry smoothie

Goes fast, tastes delicious and makes a lot of work: Smoothies. Simply pour a can of coconut milk and a pack (250g) of frozen berries into a blender and straighten. Two of these are fed up! The coconut milk provides good fat as energy for the day and the berries provide the vitamin kick with taste.

If you want, you can of course add more to the blender: Some mint and lemon juice for more freshness, for example, or other fruits. As hinted at in the Paleosophy podcast, episode 2 of Christian, you can also try to make Paleo ice cream out of it with some effort and extra ice cubes.

3: Stained salmon

What is available in better hotels at the breakfast buffet can also be eaten at home: Formed salmon are quickly prepared and can be varied great: Classic with some horseradish, Italian with some pesto or Japanese with some wasabi.

Here’s a particularly classy alternative: With a few sliced figs and a dab of Dijon mustard!

4: Omelettes to take away

The other day I had caught the Red Eye flier for a business trip: 6 a.m. 10 from Munich to Frankfurt! So breakfast falls flat and the scrambled eggs at the airport are overpriced. What to do?

My discovery: Make an omelette the night before! Whisk 3 eggs with salt and pepper and stall with plenty of butter in a small pan with the lid closed, turning once after 5-7 minutes. Place the omelette on a butter bread paper or aluminum foil (don’t be afraid of Alzheimer’s here, because ironically, you get Alzheimer’s through doughnuts or a breakfast bun rather than aluminum foil) and cover it with lettuce and ham. Add a dab of pesto and then roll together like a burrito with butter bread paper. It is best to wrap the whole thing again in a napkin and pack the laptop in your pocket in a freezer bag, is safe.

At the airport, an American tourist asked me where to buy these delicious omelets. I indicated that I had brought it with myself and recommended the cafe with the overpriced scrambled eggs as the second best alternative. The omelette then tasted twice as good.

5: Paleo pancakes

My specialty for the weekend, the Paleo pancake recipe is here. Almonds have fallen into some disrepute in the Paleo community as they have a high proportion of omega-6 fatty acids (also paleosophen have nutritional luxury problems), so I’d rather do them with macadamias now, because these are the best nuts I know. Also plantains can be perfectly processed with eggs and butter into pancake dough.

Paleo pancakes can be occupied like bread: With ham, liver sausage (the vitamin bomb from the meat counter) or with butter and a dab of maple syrup.

6: Student fodder

For on the go, as a snack, or as an emergency ration on trips, available at every kiosk: Nuts and dried fruit.

In between, nuts and dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, dried plums, etc.) are a nice change and a delicious snack. But as Chris Kresser wrote the other day, one should not exaggerate: Nuts also contain phytic acid, and it binds to minerals like a burdock, so that the human body has none of it left.

But one is not supposed to be more papal than the pope, and a good handful of student fodder is a quick and cheap breakfast at any train station or airport.

7: Quark with applesauce

Milk and dairy products enjoy intermediate status in the Paleo community: For the hard core, milk is a no-go, others consider it, especially in fermented form, an acceptable addition. Still others base their whole breakfasts on fresh organic milk.

Those who tolerate dairy products well have a good, simple and cheap source of protein and fat with curd. With a few teaspoons of applesauce spiced up, a mug of curd is spiced up for quick breakfast or a fruity snack in between.

Bonus: The leftovers from the previous evening

Often there is something left of the delicious Paleo meal in the evening. Why not warm up the leftovers the morning after? This is breakfast number eight, as a bonus on top of it, so to speak.

After all, it is not written anywhere that breakfast must always be sweet: Networked, steak or salad is still a nice change to breakfast the next morning!

Seven varied breakfast variants, plus two bonuses, together makes nine: Who finds the tenth Paleo-compatible breakfast idea?

Write your favorite breakfast variants in the comments, and the next time a normal eater expresses his doubts about Paleo’s breakfast suitability, just send him to this article!

P.S.: Through Facebook, I still came across the English breakfast, which I was allowed to enjoy in Scotland (as a Scottish breakfast, of course) at the hotel. If you let go of the superfluous porridge and toast, it’s a great alternative!


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