Aloe vera for weight loss – does it really work?

Aloe vera juice is said to help with losing weight. But does it really work? We’ll tell you what to consider before trying to use this plant for weight loss.

The naturalist Carl von Linné was the first to give the plant its name in 1753. And even Cleopatra swore at aloe vera: In Ancient Egypt, it was one of the beauty secrets of Caesar’s affair. The gel contained in the plant is full of power substances, including vitamins, minerals and essential oils. Aloe vera not only relieves sunburns, detoxifies and strengthens the immune system-it should also help us lose weight.

Aloe Vera juice: What exactly is this and how does it help with losing weight?

The green leaves of the cactus plant are peeled by hand after harvesting. Inside them is the transparent gel, which is cold-pressed. Juice, which is offered in online stores and stores, consists almost 100 per cent of the gel of an aloe vera plant.

However: More than 0.2% of natural citric acid for preservation should not be included in the juice. You should also pay attention to an organic certificate, because then you make sure that the juice has really been extracted from the aloe vera and that it is not a water-powder mixture. For a 500ml bottle, you have to pay around 15 euros and get about 25 servings out.

The key to weight loss due to the juice of the aloe vera plant lies in the metabolism. This is quite stimulated when you drink about 20ml in the morning and evening before eating. Regular intake degrades fat and cleans the organism of pollutants and toxins. In addition, the intestinal movement is stimulated.

Is it possible to lose weight permanently healthily with aloe vera juice?

No. First of all, of course, it doesn’t make sense if you drink the juice twice a day, but treat yourself to fast food and sweets in between. You’re not going to lose weight like that. The juice is only used to support when the pounds are to purple-whereby pure coffee also has a laxative effect and can therefore also have a positive effect on the weight.

However, with aloe vera you also give your body more than 200 healthy ingredients. In reverse, this means that if aloe vera juice is drunk for a healthy diet and sport, you will quickly be able to see successes. However, a mono diet with aloe vera juice is strongly discouraged.


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