BioLeptin Review- The Enemy to Your Obesity

Motivational quotes and stories can only inspire so much as to bring you to the gym. You drag yourself hard, fight through the pain, and cut on your favorite snacks. But a month of struggle and you hardly see any difference. It’s like your body isn’t ready to lose weight just yet.

You need a harder push here. Instead of giving up, you can choose a BioLeptin supplement that can lose you as much as three pounds a week. It works on the brain’s hypothalamus that helps break fat cells and lose weight. So how does it actually do that? Is BioLeptin really useful? Who is it for? Let’s find out answers to all these and more queries in this BioLeptin review.

What is BioLeptin?

BioLeptin is an out of the box dietary supplement that works on reprogramming the brain function to ensure weight loss. Puregreens Nutrition, the manufacturer, worked upon research that says that your hypothalamus is stopping you from losing weight. The brain has sabotaged the body to put your weight loss efforts in vain.

It uses scientifically proven ingredients to reprogram the hypothalamus and kick-start your metabolism to lose weight quickly. African Mango and chromium are its primary ingredients, and the two help the supplement reprogram hypothalamus.

The supplement works on the primary cause behind obesity and difficulty in losing weight. It makes the mind accustomed to working out and losing weight. It will, in turn, help remove fat from stubborn parts.

BioLeptin: Who Created it, and Why?

Mentioning its reputed manufacturer in this BioLeptin review, we want you to know more and more people are trusting it every day. Pure green Nutrition, BioLeptin’s parent company, has built an esteemed reputation in selling herbal teas, nutritional supplements, protein powder, and more.

The company is based in the United States, and all its products are lab tested. BioLeptin came up in their pursuit to make cost-effective weight loss supplements that everyone can afford. The product is based on a study where 125 people lost 28 pounds in 10 weeks, which is quite an achievement.

BioLeptin Ingredients

The critical ingredients of Bio Leptin are Chromax and WellTrim IGOB131. Here is how both work:


Chromax is a chromium picolinate supplement from the brand Nutrition 21. Chromium regulates insulin in the body and is quite a common ingredient in dietary supplements. Insulin regulation ensures that you don’t crave sugars and carbs and feel satiated in a low-calorie diet.

Two pills of BioLeptin contain a 1000 MCG Chromax, which might be a little too high, which can be a factor behind the promise of instant weight loss. Such high levels of chromax are useful for people with Type 2 Diabetes, blood pressure, and much.

WellTrim (IGOB131)

A product of Nuvocare’s Slimcentials line, WellTrim is Irvingia Gabonensis seed or the purest form of African Mango. African Mango is extremely popular among diet pills and is proven effective in removing toxins from the body.

You should keep in mind that both these ingredients are suitable only for adults. The African Mango pills in a study in Journals helped over 100 people in losing over 28 pounds in 10 weeks.

How Does BioLeptin Work?

BioLeptin contains the seed extract of African Mango or Irvingia Gabonensis and Chromax in just the right proportions to act on the hypothalamus. According to a study by the University of Cameroon, African Mango is also active in eliminating C-reactive protein, which helps weight gain.

The right blend of the two ingredients reduces C-Reactive protein’s effects and thus stops unnecessary weight gain. Now to lose weight, BioLeptin promotes hormonal changes that reprogram the hypothalamus gland.

The dietary supplement also induces serotonin, which elevates the mood and further boosts metabolism. It also controls carbohydrate cravings, thus limiting calorie intake. Binge eating is one of the most critical reasons behind weight gain, and this will help you stop it.

Moreover, this supplement is free of any kind of side effects as per records. Of course, you should be in touch with your doctors to ensure there’s no risk at all. You should never take a supplement without consulting the doctor if you are suffering from some disease.

BioLeptin also reverses leptin resistance, which can help overweight and even obese people to activate the fat melting function. Increased metabolism also ensures you feel more energetic during workouts.

How to Use BioLeptin? Are There Any Side Effects?

The company recommends having one pull twice a day. You should take the pills before the two most substantial meals of the day. The company doesn’t recommend dieting, though. But that doesn’t mean you should eat junk and fat-to diet.

Putting control of carbs is essential to maintaining optimal weight. You should always keep it away from your children and anyone less than 18. It might also be harmful to pregnant women or those nursing a child.

Each bottle of BioLeptin includes a 30-day supply, which is 60 pills of BioLeptin. The bottles were quite expensive at $89.95 at first, but at the time of writing this review, the company had reduced it to $32 per bottle on Amazon. You can buy multiple bottles after your first purchase to get a significant discount.

For optimum results, we recommend you to use it for at least 90 days. It also has a 365-day money-back guarantee in case you experience a rare case when the product doesn’t work.

Pros of BioLeptin

  • BioLeptin contains proven ingredients that have been included in dietary supplements for a long time. Both these supplements work well standalone, and there is no reason why they won’t work together.
  • BioLeptin contains Chromax, which is quite effective in countering Type 2 Diabetes as well as regulates blood pressure.
  • BioLeptin boosts metabolism and combats Leptin resistance. It helps lose weight faster by converting body fat into energy. The key is to use energy to workout and sweat yourself.
  • The discounted price is quite affordable for the premium contents of the supplement.
  • 365- day money-back guarantee in case you’re dissatisfied with the product. You should use it consistently with exercise to see any real results, though.

Cons of BioLeptin

  • It’s not recommended for people under the age of 18, so you should tell your kids not to have it.
  • Don’t overdose or take more than one pill at a time. Stay hydrated and eat well to avoid any potential side effects.


After reading this BioLeptin review, chances are you have already made your decision. If there is still any confusion, recollect the fact. The company’s claims are based on research and studies; the ingredients are well known and popularly used, and you get a money-back guarantee.

They have also cut the price to make it much more affordable than before. Overall, if you are stuck with your swollen belly and striving for quick results, BioLeptin is a must-try supplement with little to no side effects for adults.

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