Cacao Bliss Review- Consuming Chocolate in a Healthy Way

Chocolate lovers find it hard to choose any other dessert. They have the strongest cravings out of all those with a sweet tooth. The sinful pleasures of relishing chocolate recipes are unmatched, but consuming chocolates comes with its problems.

It contains a lot of artificial sugars and high calories that can destroy days of dieting in minutes. But what if we tell you there is a product that will satisfy your chocolate cravings more than processed cacao chocolates and yet provide numerous health benefits?

It’s indeed an irresistible proposition. And we are sure you’ll turn the request into reality after reading the Cacao Bliss review– the chocolate powder for the health-conscious.

What is Cacao Bliss?

Cacao Bliss is a powdered superfood supplement primarily containing raw cacao. It consists of mostly natural ingredients. The cacao powder is unprocessed and organic, the way it is just before it is processed into chocolate.

You can add the powdered supplement in any beverage like milk and water or other recipes like cakes and brownies. Cacao Bliss is usually people’s first taste of natural cacao. The chocolate we all have tasted so far is processed with additives like sugar, milk, and artificial preservatives. Even our dark chocolates don’t bring the organic-rich flavor of cacao. The makers of Cacao Bliss have harvested the beans from Peruvian Forest using effective ancient techniques to bring you the authentic taste of chocolate.

You might think that’s all Cacao Bliss review is about- a chocolate powder. But that was just the cacao part. Now we’ll talk about the bliss part. Apart from raw cacao, Cacao Bliss contains an array of superfoods, including black pepper, MCT Powder, turmeric, cinnamon, collagen, etc.

It contains a total of over 200 phytonutrients obtained from plants. Every scoop of the supplement is a healthy bliss because it’s packed with antioxidants and energy-boosting ingredients. What makes it a guilt-free treat is the natural sweetener Danette May has used in the product.

Nectars like Monk Fruit and Coconut Nectar provide an exotic sweetness while saving you from processed sugar. That’s indeed quite rare to find in so-called health supplements that use artificial flavors. So you might want to know who created this delightful supplement and why.

Cacao Bliss: Who created it, and why?

Danette May created this unique blend of ingredients that provides rich flavors and a host of health benefits. It’s an ideal drink for heart patients and those with diabetes, too, as it contains natural sugars. But there’s quite an intriguing story behind the supplement’s creation.

Danette, a trainer, and nutritionist by profession, suffered a severe bout of anxiety and depression in her 20s. Upon research, she realized the food we eat directly affects our mental health.

She stumbled upon the numerous health benefits of the raw cacao plant, and the rest is history. We now have an extraordinary health drink that satisfies our chocolate cravings, thanks to Danette May.

Health Secret behind Cacao Bliss

Each ingredient used in Cacao Bliss has its exclusive health benefits. Danette has used the elements in proper amounts to reduce anxiety and depression, prevent inflammation, lowers blood sugar, and more. Here are benefits you’ll gain by some prominent ingredients:

Organic Cacao Powder

The primary reason behind Danielle’s use of cacao is not its rich flavor. It’s the mental health benefits of cacao. Organic cacao triggers the body to release happiness hormones like Serotonin, Anandamide, PEA, and Theobromine.

Once activated, these elements reduce anxiety, boost energy, and elevate the mood. It also helps improve the immunity system. The abundant amount of flavonols in unprocessed cacao prevents inflammation and oxidizes the body. The rich amounts of magnesium also help balance blood sugars.

Black Peppers

Black Pepper has multiple health benefits, including fighting cold and clearing the throat. Combined with turmeric, the piperine in black pepper increases anandamide levels in the body, which in turn reduces anxiety.


Turmeric is a proven antioxidant and prevents inflammation in the stomach. The antioxidants also keep the skin wrinkle-free and younger, along with preventing other diseases caused by oxidation.

Himalayan Salt

While Himalayan salt enhances the richness of chocolate flavor in the supplement, it also contains over 84 trace elements and minerals. It helps prevent acidity by balancing blood pH levels.


Cinnamon adds the delicate, exotic flavor to the delicious mix. It has an intoxicating fragrance and brings out the rich taste from whichever beverage you mix it in. It tastes the best in hot drinks. Apart from that, it combats free radicals and reduces the danger of heart diseases.

Coconut Nectar and Monk Fruit

The natural sweeteners in these fruits are the most dominant flavor apart from cacao in Cacao Bliss. It satisfies the sugar cravings while keeping a check on calories. Monk Fruit contains zero calories and yet provides the same satisfaction as regular sugars.

Cacao Bliss- What do you get in the package?

As discussed earlier, Cacao Bliss is a powdered health supplement you can use in any recipe or beverage. Apart from the supplement container, there are two other things you’ll receive. Here is what you’ll get in the package:

Cacao Bliss container

You’ll receive one container of Cacao Bliss, which contains 30 scoops of the delicious powdered supplement. The company recommends eating one scoop every day, so one jar is sufficient for a month. The net weight of the can is 8.34oz(236.4g), and each scoop is equal to two teaspoons.

One serving contains 7.88g of pure bliss. Each serving contains:

-35 calories
-1.5g saturated fat
-1.5g fat
-1g protein
-3g carbohydrates
-2g dietary fiber
-15mg Calcium
-85mg Potassium
-95mg Sodium
-0.8g Iron

The sugar content is less than 1g per serving.

Cacao Lovers Cookbook

Why mix the supplement in traditional ways like milk when you can make mouth-watering yet healthy recipes? You’ll receive a cookbook containing tens of delicious Cacao Bliss recipes, including Chocolate Thin Mint cookies, Peanut Butter cups, Chocolate cake, and more.

Meditation Videos

Danette has chosen to share her expertise by creating customized meditation videos for her customers. Her central focus is to provide peace and relaxation. Start your day with Cacao Bliss and a session of meditation to get the best results.

These bonus items are available with your first order, and you should preserve them after that.

Does Cacao Bliss really work?

There’s a lot of research to back cacao as an effective stress-resistant and mood booster. Apart from the proven mental health benefits, the presence of antioxidants in turmeric and cinnamon is well-documented.

Of course, fighting depression includes a lot of other factors. But the host of health benefits offered by its ingredients are bound to benefit everyone in its way. Most importantly, the organic cacao satisfies your chocolate cravings better than processed cacao.

Pros of Cacao Bliss

  • Its ingredients have scientifically proven health benefits, so it’s a must-try.
  • Chocolate lovers can find numerous exotic recipes to satisfy their sweet tooth healthily. The cookbook ensures you’re never going to get bored with it.
  • The raw cacao used in the supplement is free from any side-effects.
  • Natural sweeteners used to ensure a guilt-free chocolate recipe.

Cons of Cacao Bliss

  • It’s more expensive than regular health drinks and cacao powder. But the processed cacao powders are heated, which makes them bereft of a lot of nutrients.
  • Cacao Bliss is available for online sales only.


As you would have realized by now, the pros of Cacao Bliss far outweigh its cons. Eating chocolates is quite an addiction. It’s high time you stop fighting it and start using Cacao Bliss as a substitute. The raw organic provides better satisfaction than your milk and sugar-infused cacao.

Moreover, it has proven mental health benefits that can come in handy for those fighting depression and anxiety. The all-natural set of ingredients makes eating it a guilt-free experience, even when you’re dieting.

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