Chocolate Slim: Is It Safe for Weight Loss?

I’m sure you’ve read about slimming shakes and maybe you’re about to try them out. Advertisements show that with the Chocolate Slim diet you can lose up to 24 kg!

Are all those great promises about Chocolate Slim meal replacements based on the truth or is it pure marketing? In this article, you will get a comprehensive explanation of what the Chocolate Slim diet exactly means. I also give detailed answers as to why slimming shakes are not the most healthy solution.

What’s Chocolate Slim?

Chocolate Slim is a meal replacement and weight loss shake best known for its chocolate flavor. So if you like chocolate milk then you’re in luck with this product.

It is a food supplement based on whey and enriched with added ingredients. The manufacturer recommends combining Chocolate smartly with daily nutrition.

The Chocolate Slim is all about the shakes. Due to the speed of preparation and the possibility to take the drink anywhere, it is a slimming shake that fits in with today’s hectic life.

But if you compare the ingredients with those of a green smoothie, you will probably be disappointed.The advantage of a green smoothie is that you can make it yourself at home from fresh fruit, fiber-rich seeds, and other healthy ingredients.

What’s in Chocolate Slim?

Chocolate Slim meal replacement contains added ingredients which, according to the manufacturer, should have different effects on weight loss.

These ingredients are said to reduce appetite and affect fat metabolism.

Let’s see what the main ingredients of Chocolate Slim are:


Whey or whey is the liquid part of milk produced as a natural by-product of cheese. In addition to being added to protein shakes, whey protein is also used as an additive in dairy products, bakery products, confectionery and bars.

Eating less to lose weight often leads to more hunger. Whey can help suppress those feelings of hunger and help maintain muscle mass while you lose weight (provided that you continue to stimulate the muscle groups, such as with fitness).

Unfortunately,, not all whey products are of the same quality and the question is which whey is in Chocolate Slim. In any case, stay away from protein powders to which artificial sweeteners, flavorings and colorings have been added.


Oatmeal fibers are an important component of Chocolate Slim.  We can’t absorb these fibers, but they fill us up.

They slow down the time it takes for the stomach to empty itself. As a result, these fibers cause an increased feeling of satiety which persists long after the meal (source, source).


Chocolate Slim contains pure cocoa. This is done to give the slimming shakes a certain taste. The only thing that contains chocolate that is unhealthy is sugar.

Soy lecithin

Lecithin is a food additive. It is generally used as a lubricant for food products. Usually these are small quantities. Some people believe that soy lecithin poses potential health risks because it is made from genetically modified soy.

If this is the case with Chocolate Slim, the designation ‘genetically modified’ should be used.


Glucomannan is a soluble fiber and is used as a food supplement. It comes from the Konjac plant. Glucomannan can be beneficial for people who want to lose weight.

Research has shown that Glucomannan can help people feel full for longer, making them less inclined to overeat (source).

Glucomannan powder (Konjac) is generally considered safe for healthy adults when used as a dietary supplement.

Usage and recommended daily intake

A portion of Chocolate Slim shake contains 2-3 teaspoons of powder (5 grams) which should be dissolved in a glass with boiled water (150 ml). Then drink another 1 to 2 glasses of water.

It is recommended to drink a Chocolate Slim shake every morning before breakfast and another 1-2 at a time with a meal.

You may drink a maximum of 3 Chocolate Slim shakes a day.

It is best to mix Chocolate Slim with water. When milk or fruit juice is used, the number of calories also increases. Do you want to lose weight? Then use water instead of milk or fruit juice.

It is not recommended to use Chocolate Slim if you are:

  • Be intolerant to the ingredients
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

Where to Buy Chocolate Slim?

The meal shakes of Chocolate Slim are not for sale at the Kruidvat. De Kruidvat does offer meal replacements and slimming shakes under its own brand.

These Herb Barrel meal shakes are less healthy than they look.

Per 100 grams a Herbal Barrel slimming shake contains no less than 58 grams of carbohydrates (of which 45 grams of sugar!). If losing weight and living a healthier life is your goal then you’d better avoid these shakes.

Several websites offer Chocolate Slim shakes for sale. The shakes of Chocolate Slim are easy to order but not cheap. For just one package, you’ve already lost almost 50 dollars.

Many counterfeit products of Chocolate Slim are circulating on the internet. Ordering from an unknown provider means that you never know exactly what kind of shakes you’re getting.

Pros and Cons of Chocolate Slim

I can think of plenty of reasons why people skip an ordinary meal in favor of a shake.

Slimming shakes are easy to prepare, easy to carry and quick to drink. The Chocolate Slim diet is easy to follow.

The shakes are low in calories. That means they can help you lose weight or stay on weight fast. But slimming shakes also have their drawbacks.

Diets based on synthetic weight loss shakes are not sustainable and therefore not healthy. You can probably lose weight with it, but replacing your meals with highly processed synthetic meals is not recommended.

If you want to lose weight and maintain your healthy weight, it is important that you learn to understand exactly what you eat and why you actually lose weight.

Because the real work actually starts after you reach your target weight. Because once you lose weight, your body needs a lot less energy!

In addition, it is important to know that slimming shakes contain many synthetic nutrients that are made artificially in an industrial process and often contain only one component of a whole range of micronutrients found in natural and unprocessed foods.

For example, research shows that natural vitamin E is absorbed twice as efficiently as synthetic vitamin E (source).

Bottom Line

Let me get this straight: Chocolate Slim is not a panacea that mysteriously melts away fat by drinking a few shakes every day.

Those who rely solely on these slimming shakes and continue to live unhealthy lives will soon be disappointed.

Don’t you want to lose weight with a supplement? Then go for Glucomannan. Glucomannan is a supplement with a scientifically proven effect. This supplement is intended for overweight adults. Read more about the power of Glucomannan here.

Remember, meal replacements and slimming shakes – such as those from Chocolate Slim – can never replace the full eating experience of solid food.

Eating is much more than just eating calories. Food is necessary for survival, but also for pleasure, taste, smell and experience. That’s why I don’t see this meal shakes replacing solid food in the long run.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, it is important that you eat a healthy and varied diet, as is possible with a normal low-carbohydrate diet. Diets that rely on bars and shakes instead of natural food are not sustainable and often not healthy.

You may lose a few kilos in the short term, but replacing healthy meals with meal replacements containing synthetic nutrients does not produce long-term results.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to stay on a liquid diet of powders for more than a few weeks. Living on powders doesn’t seem healthy to me. But based on experience, most people won’t last that long either.

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