Losing Weight with Dinner-Cancelling

You must have heard that it is no good eating after 8, but what about skipping the whole dinner? Cancelling dinner may help you lose weight and more.  This measure is not only for weight loss, it is also intended to prolong life and delay aging.

What is dinner cancelling?

Saving calories is the motto of dinner cancelling: For this, the dinner is simply skipped. In addition, Skipping dinner is said to positively affect hormone levels and boost fat loss.

If you cancel dinner, more growth hormones are released at night, which is responsible for regeneration of metabolism. So the renewal processes are supported.

In addition, dinner cancelling is intended to stimulate the nocturnal production of the hormones somatropin and melantonin, which are intended to slow down biological aging.

How dinner cancelling works

You apply dinner cancelling at least once a week, but ideally two to three times. In these days, you do not eat anything after 4 or 5 p.m. and You must not drink any calorie-containing drinks. Fruit and herbal tea as well as mineral water are allowed.

It is recommended to start drinking before a feeling of hunger occurs. So about two hours before you usually have your dinner. From then on, several cups or glasses of liquid are drunk every hour to stretch the stomach and stop at least some of the signals that create the feeling of hunger.

Benefits of dinner cancelling

There are many discussions over the benefits and effects of dinner cancelling. There are no clear scientific studies on this.

Advocates insist on the argument to slow down the hormones responsible for youthfulness and weight control through late food intake. Opponents of the evening waiver argue it depends on the total calorie amount per day rather than the time of day it is taken in.

One thing is certain: Those who manage to feed normally during the day, i.e. in the face of the upcoming evening fast not “on stock,” can reduce weight with dinner cancelling. And: The principle is very simple.

Risks of dinner cancelling

There are no health hazards, as dinner cancelling is only about a few hours of food renunciation.

However, eating abstinence requires a great deal of discipline. Hot hunger attacks are extremely likely, as are sleep disturbances, because hunger gnaws at night. It is also often the case that after giving up dinner, breakfast is all the more sumptuous.

Dinner cancelling: Conclusion

Those who regularly follow through the evening fasting without “re-consumption” before or after can lose weight. In addition, after such a mini-fasting period in the morning you actually feel lighter, the skin looks fresher.

However, giving up dinner requires proper discipline. Since, according to one study, it is harder to muster the energy for self-control when you have denied needs in the hours before, eat healthily until the start of dinner cancelling, but don’t be too strict with you.

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