Fatburner Diet – How does It work?

The Fatburner diet makes big promises: With the right foods containing the right substances, the fat is supposed to melt away like ice cream in the sun. You can find out how to apply the Fatburner diet and how it should work here.

What is the Fatburner Diet?

Fatburner Diet

Fatburner Diet

There are some fat burner ingredients in foods designed to stimulate fat burning, such as vitamin C, B vitamins, carnitine, chromium, iodine and certain proteins (such as those found in pineapple or papaya). Depending on the author of the Fatburner diet, there are other substances.

How the Fatburner Diet Works

The diet is usually a very low-fat, low-vegetable diet with lean meat and dairy products. These foods contain a high proportion of the respective fat burners and-according to the thesis-are intended to boost the body’s fat burning, so that one decreases without having to count calories. In addition, a lot of exercise and sport are recommended.

What the Fatburner diet brings

Low-fat mixed food with lots of vegetables, lean meats and dairy products
Recommendation for more sport and exercise

Risks of the Fatburner Diet

The thesis-fat burners boost fat burning-cannot be scientifically substantiated.

Fatburner diet: Conclusion

Forget the Fatburner theory. No food can affect fat burning in such a way that the kilos melt on their own. The body needs vitamins, proteins and other substances in food to burn fat, but in such small amounts that no case is known where a lack of these nutrients has led to obesity.

And even those who believe that they will accelerate fat loss through many supposed fat burners will be disappointed: Carnitine, vitamin C and other substances are the building blocks of fat metabolism, but not its architects. Only the body’s own hormones control fat loss. The fact that the Fatburner diets still sometimes burn the kilos is due to the choice of particularly low-fat foods and the recommended increased movement.

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