Fit for Life Diet – How does It work?

The Fit for Life diet is a variant of food combining diet. However, it is much stricter in the rules than the original diet and contains more fruit and vegetables. You can find out what the course of the Fit-for-Life diet is and what the pros and cons are here.

What is the Fit for Life Diet?


American couple Harvey and Marilyn Diamond picked up on the Haysche food food combining diet and developed it with very strict dietary rules.

They asked “Why did humans not gain weight in the past? And they came up with the answer that humans are not omnivores. They were rather frugivores (fruit eater) and the human diet had to look like this in order to lose weight.

The Fit for life diet has existed in the US since the 19th century. It relies mainly on raw food, especially fruit .

Meat is classified as harmful. In addition, carbohydrates and protein must not be consumed at the same time, as it must be spent too much energy for digestion and the food is not properly digested.

Dairy products are prohibited because they are no longer processed by the body after the third year of life.

The diet in Fit for Life is thus about 70 percent of fruit , vegetables and salad and 30 percent of bread, cereals and meat .

In the fit-for-life diet, emphasis is on the fresh fruit

It is best if the food consists of about 70% water . This is done by drinking a lot of distilled water to cleanse the body.

How does Fit for Life Diet work?

In this dietary style, protein and carbohydrate-rich foods are separated.

In addition, it is important to eat according to certain body cycles: In the morning you must consume fruits and juices , at lunchtime salads and vegetables and in the evening  you must eat meat with salad or baked potatoes with vegetables.

Distilled water is recommended as a drink. Mineral and tap water are considered harmful because they contain minerals that are said to be deposited in the arteries.

Milk and dairy products are also rejected. They are supposed to glue the intestinal walls and mucous membranes.

Vegetables and fruit refer to the couple as the source of all the nutrients humans need to survive. It should be noted, however, that fruit should never be eaten together with other foods. With this diet, the authors promise a desired weight without calorie counting.

Advantages of Fit for life diet

With Fit for life, the big advantage is that you eat a healthy diet for the most part.

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables provide the body with many vitamins and minerals . It is also naturally low in calories and thus facilitates the weight loss.

Risks of the Fit for Life Diet

Unfortunately, there is no scientific proof for the Fit for Life philosophy. The claim that carbohydrates and proteins could not be digested together was scientifically refuted even then.

A healthy body does not make too much acid, just as milk does not cause slime. In addition, cooked food is easier to digest than raw food.

Furthermore, there is no evidence for the so-called body cycles. In addition, the Fit for life diet is difficult to perform as many natural foods contain carbohydrates and proteins at the same time.

The body also needs a certain amount of protein and fat. In the long term, it can therefore come through a diet for Fit for Life to deficiency symptoms. The increased drinking of distilled water can also be harmful to health.

  • The separate intake of foods rich in protein and carbohydrates is devoid of any scientific basis. It is difficult to implement because many foods contain both nutrients.
  • There are so many nonsensical regulations in terms of nutrition science: For example, It has the strict time requirements for individual food groups to be consumed.
  • A waiver of dairy products, mineral water or other restrictions stipulated by the Fit-for-Life Food Doctrine are incomprehensible and of concern to health.

Sample Diet Plan

With the Fit for life diet, one must first of all pay attention to the permitted foods at the appropriate time of day.

  • For breakfast , for example, there could be a mixture of berries, apple and banana . As a snack , a glass of orange juice would be allowed.
  • For lunch there is lettuce with cucumber , tomato , paprika and carrot.
  • In the evening there is a roasted chicken breast with rocket .
  • In between , a lot of distilled water is drunk.

Fit for life diet: Conclusion

Fit for life diet is good for weight loss in the short term, even if many statements are completely false. Too much salad and large amounts of vegetables in the context of the Fit for Life diet provide the body with many vitamins. However, in the long run, a calcium deficiency may occur due to the lack of dairy products.


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