Foods You Can Eat on a Low Iodine Diet

Low Iodine Diet – Foods you can eat

Low iodine diets are often prescribed as part of thyroid treatments or before testing for thyroid disease. A low iodine level diet is also necessary before testing to determine how iodine is used by your body, as the iodine in your diet can impair accurate test results. If you need to follow a iodarme diet, you can still eat a range of healthy foods and maintain a balanced diet.


Most drinks are acceptable on a diet with little iodine. Coffee, tea, cola, Diet Coke, water, lemonade, beer, wine and fruit juices are all allowed. Any non-alcoholic drink or juice with red dye, as well as any dairy products are banned on a diet with little iodine.


You can include homemade baked goods, oatmeal, pasta, wheat, barley and wheat scoice in your low iodine diet.

All commercially produced baked goods such as biscuits, doughnuts, pastries, cakes, cakes and bread should be avioided.

Eggs and fat

You can eat eggs, but be sure that you removed its yolk, according to the Association of Thyroid Survivors. You can take protein at will. You can eat oils and margarine but you must avoid butter.


Most meats are acceptable if eaten with little iodine. Choose from beef, chicken, pork, veal, turkey or lamb. Natural peanut butter without salt added can also be eaten.

Do without fish, shellfish and all smoked meats such as bacon, ham and hot dogs. Do not add table salt or sea salt to your meat as they contain iodine. +


Any fresh vegetables except sea vegetables are allowed on a low iodine diet. You can also consume preserved or frozen vegetables as long as you’re sure no salt will be added.

Fruits and their juices

As a part of the low iodine diet, you can eat fruits and drink juices with little iodine. However, you must avoid canned fruits or juices are made with red dye.

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