Intermittent Fasting made easy: Lose Weight with this 90-minute trick

Get slim without starvation and great effort-that’s what makes the 90-minute trick possible! The small intermittent diet has been discovered by scientists. It is ideal for integrating into everyday life and is perfect for entering the intermittent fasting.

If you wanted to lose weight in 2018, you were fasting. 16 hours, two days a week- there are many variants of temporarily giving up food. Convincing arguments also: Weight and health should benefit, cholesterol and blood sugar should be regulated.

Where’s the catch? Not eating anything for the period is unimaginable for many. Especially when it comes to whole fasting days. Even eating just eight hours a day, as is customary with the 16:8 interval fasting, beginners initially appear heavy. You feel the same way? Then doctors have now discovered the perfect interval diet for you.

Doctors test mini intermittent diet

In a British experiment of the BBC’s “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor ,” medics examined the actual effect of meal times on weight. The results are doubly good: For one thing, they found that what you eat doesn’t matter when you pay attention to when you eat it. Cravings nobody likes and is the lever for bad mood and jojo effects.

On the other hand, you don’t have to change much about your everyday life in order to lose weight permanently-in fact, 90 minutes can make a difference!

How the 90-minute trick works

For the broadcast, 16 subjects were accompanied for ten weeks and divided into two groups. One of these was imposed to delay the breakfast 90 minutes, eat dinner 90 minutes earlier.

Despite a small number of participants, the researchers consider the results to be relevant and transferable, especially as similar studies with mice have led to similar results in the past.

Everyday intermittent fasting

The scientists ‘ conclusion is particularly everyday: It doesn’t always take long periods of fasting to do something good for the body. Strict diets are often accompanied by renunciation and are difficult to integrate into social life – the researchers ‘ recommendation is therefore simply to postpone breakfast 90 minutes and eat dinner 90 minutes earlier whenever possible – no more and no less. Even this small change can have significant effects on health and body fat percentage.


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