Intermittent Fasting – A Beginners Guide

Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a King, and dinner like a beggar.” We have heard this saying for decades, but it is always up to date and the best for your body?” The fitness and health community is based mostly on a healthy breakfast to start the day to stimulate the metabolism.

This saying has become a vital principal for many diet plans; for example, Karatay Diet. Unfortunately, this fact is often simply tolerated in without really questioning it. Including the following:

You want to lose weight? Then start with a rich buffet breakfast to boost your metabolism. Or eat many small meals throughout the day, keep the metabolism at full capacity throughout the day.

If you follow this old proverbs and tips that promote many fitness experts, so you get a breakfast around to lose weight and stay healthy. Is that the universal key to success? I guess not.

Intermittent Fasting has a different approach: skip meals and lose that weight loss and body fat.

The promise sounds too good to be true. A certain degree of skepticism was with me before that anyway, brought on. Does it really work? What is happening in the body?

For some time, I now regularly waive my breakfast and eat at a particular time window. With success – I could reduce my body fat and build muscle. And I’m not alone. Many people could lose weight with the help of intermittent fasting. In this intermittent fasting, you can find all important information Advisor.

What is intermittent fasting?

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting, is not a real diet, but rather a way of eating.

The word is derived from the Latin word “intermittere”, means as much as interrupted or periodically. In the intermittent fasting will switch between fasting periods and phases with food intake . The diet also under the name of periodic fasting, intermittent fasting or part time fasting.

You eat your daily calorie only in a certain time of the day, while you fast the rest of the day. According to studies, this nutritional approach has several advantages. These include in particular the weight loss or even an higher life expectancy. We come to this point, but later again in detail.

There are different approaches to implement intermittent fasting and to benefit from its advantages.

  • Food during a specific time window. For example for the Legains method you eat (16/8) only 8 hours a day, followed by 16 hours fasting. Often, the breakfast is left out here and you eat between 12 and 20: 00. There are however other approaches where only within taking his daily calories from 6 or 4 hours to themselves.
  • 24 hours fasting, where one omits two or all meals on the day.

Now will you friends think intended – ok, I just leave a meal and take it?


It isn’t quite that simple then. At the end of the day, it still concerns your calorie balance. The swipe of a meal, you have to take the possibility of more food during the remaining meals to friends and to achieve still have a calorie deficit. This is absolutely necessary to remove.

  • Intermittent fasting helps you to achieve a calorie deficit easier.
  • Weight loss is possible only with a calorie deficit!

History of intermittent fasting – our ancestors

For us, it is to have of course always a particular food supply available and to be able to eat at any time of day. No matter whether supermarket or delivery service, we arrive in our day and age quickly and simply always food.

Centuries ago, this was the case but by nieces. Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers and not always had food available. Of course you could keep certain foods, but there’s also days where no or had very little to eat.

Instead of the regular food intake known to us, were at the time often forced fasting and irregular meals of the day. The food shortages could only be eliminated with the industrialization and the growing of food for the most part. But that isn’t the case all over the world currently. Intermittent Fasting was thus already for some people at the time and give you. But how does it work exactly.

How does intermittent fasting work?

To understand how does intermittent fasting, one must look at the processes in the bodyitself. Because they expire differently between the two different phases (fasting and eating phase).

After you’ve eaten a meal, required the body to burn a few hours for this to process foodand as much as possible. The energy passes into the blood stream and thus immediately for the body to process and above all easy to burn. First and foremost, the body uses this energy instead of resorting to the stored fat cells. Especially carbohydrates or sugar will most likely processed and preferred by the body.

During the fasting period are no light energy in the form of consumed food the body more available. So, it is more likely that it rather relates to the energy from the fat cells in the body.

Now again a bit more precisely explained:

Molecules blood are released by the ingestion of food. The processing of carbohydrates or sugar rises in the body of the blood sugar level. In this process, in particular the will hormone insulin released. Whose mission is the blood sugar levels back to a normal level, as well as the utilization of other nutrients such as fat and protein. These nutrients are transported into the body cells.

Thus, insulin promotes the storage of fat. The body can utilize other nutrients such as carbohydrates faster and easier. The consumed food causes a full glycogen stores and thus sufficient glucose in the bloodstream. This saves the body as a “Reserve” rather than fat.

After digestion, the body is in a post-absorptive State. At this stage no “easily” accessible energy reserves is the body more available. To meet the energy demand, the body now mainly accesses the stored fat cells. Target of intermittent fasting is to extend it to keep active longer so fat burning this phase.

By intermittent fasting, the body learns to process the stored food more efficiently.

The supply of glycogen is depleted during the sleep or fasting. By training this will deplete even further, which can further improve insulin sensitivity . This means that a meal is most efficiently stored immediately after the training. As glycogen for the muscle memory, and the energy is immediately burned to help with the recovery process. Only very small amounts are stored as fat.

During the fasting period, the percentage of glucose in the blood is very low. This has a high output of growth hormone to result. The resulting anabolic environment is combined with the reduced insulin production, a very good basis for fat loss and muscle building.

Intermittent fasting rules

Rules during the fasting period

During fasting, you can try to fast every day at the same time . That makes it not only easier to get used to and to hold, but the fasting periods are therefore also equal in length and not great differ.

I follow the Leangains method and eat between 12: 00 and 20: 00. The rest of the time is fast. I’m trying to eat my first meal after earliest 5 hours after getting up.

No calories may be consumed during the fasting period. Thus, only drinks such as water, tea, and black tea are allowed. But also a sugar-free chewing gum is allowed and at the same time helps suppress the feeling of hunger for a short period of time.

Rules during the meal

When the intermittent fasting, you may record only eat during a specific time windowand its calories.

It’s up to whether you’re taking your calories in one or six meals. It is only important that you get on your calorie intake during the period.

The choice of food is completely free. Thus, pizza and burgers is generally permitted. However, I recommend mostly on quality food to put that bring high-quality nutrientswith it and make it longer tired.

Intermittent fasting plan

Intermittent fasting is manifold. Over the years were the most diverse forms of periodic fasting. They all have something in common: a food followed by a period of fasting. The only difference of systems is the duration of the amount of time consumed in the. Here you will find the most popular intermittent fasting systems:

Leangains – 16-8

I follow the approach of Leangains model personal. Here is 16 hours fasted, followed by An 8 hourwindow, is eaten in the. This is currently the most popular method of the intermittent Fastigns and was made popular by Martin Berkhan of .

There is no rule when you your 8 hours put food window. You can start at 6: 00 and then begin your fasting period at 14: 00. Depending on what fits best for you and your personal falls.

I personally not do without just on my dinner. I put my food window from 12 am to 8 pm. So it allows me with colleagues to go to lunch and in the evening to meet with friends for dinner. And if an event or celebration takes place in the evening, I push my food window just slightly backwards. I have therefore no major strokes in my social life make.

In the 16-8 method is fasted every day. This makes it very easy to get into the rhythm and to get used to the procedures.

You can adjust the food window according to your preferences and lifestyle:

  • If you start at 6 o’clock to eat, starting your fasting period at 14 h .
  • If you’re starting at 12 noon to eat, your fasting period by 20 clock starts.

Warrior diet – 20/4

The Warrior diet is similar to the Leangains method. The time window for the food here but only for 4 hours. The remainder of the day (20 hours) is, however, fast. This method is harder to hold out, because the eating stage with 4 hours is very short in comparison with Leangains.

Days of fasting

To with fasting to begin, it is recommended to begin with one day per week.

Here for example is a well-known method 5-2 diet (see also the fast diet known) by Michael Mosley. Five days is eaten here quite normally. Two days a week, however, one as well as completely omitted on food intake and takes up only about 500 calories per day.

Alternate day intermittent fasting

Many of the studies listed below will be resorted to this form of intermittent fasting. Here it is, on extended fasting periods on different days of the week. A 24-hour fasting window goes here over two days. You can enjoy so still a delicious dinner before you 24 hours fast. Advantage of this is to eat that you no all day need to fast, but every day have the opportunity to record.

Versus de Leangains method attempts to achieve longer periods of fasting . However, this method is rarely applied. There’s much easier methods, make it easier one on the ball to stay.

Benefits of intermittent fasting

It’s great to lose weight or body fat. However, this is not the only reason why it should begin with intermittent fasting. There are still some other health benefits.

  1. Intermittent fasting prolongs your life span

Scientists have found that a reduced calorie increase prolongs life. If you starve your body tries to find ways to prolong your life.

But who is starving like to extend his life? Not really sounds like fun and joie de vivre.

It turns out that many of these mechanisms are activated when the intermittent fasting. A study has shown that day fasting leads to an extended life.

  1. Intermittent fasting may reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease

This approach is controversial, as there are unfortunately still far too little, studies.

This study (from 2009), out of 10 cancer patients showed that the side effects of chemotherapy can be reduced by fasting (48 hour fasting period) prior to treatment.

A further study has shown that through alternate day fasting in cancer patients led before the chemotherapy to a better cure rate and fewer deaths.

But these findings however insufficient even to make a really valid statement. For this, not only more experiments but also more studies are needed.

A comprehensive analysis of 2007 by several studies on the topic of fasting has shown that through fasting not only the risk of cancer, but also the reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. However, more detailed studies are missing in this area.

Here again briefly summarized:

  • Intermittent fasting helps you to achieve a calorie deficit easier.
  • Weight loss is possible only with a calorie deficit!
  • Can reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease

Why intermittent fasting, and no other diet? 3 reasons!

  • It’s easy. All you have to do is to leave out one or two meals and eat during a specific time window. Compared to other diets or nutritional principles you need to not be great prepare something. The reason why many diets fail is because follow the diet does not have a longer period of time.
  • Saving time! You have to prepare two meals a day. This saves you not only time to prepare but also the dishes rinsed off.
  • Because it works! Some studies have shown that intermittent fasting does work. Fasting makes it is easier to reduce the calories therefore have a negative calorie balance. It’s not necessarily plays a role whether during the day or at a day thats for 16 hours. My experience with intermittent fasting has shown that it works. I could reduce significantly in body fat.

What are the disadvantages of intermittent fasting?

So far, I’ve tried intermittent fasting for a few months. Of course, there are not only benefits, but also a few disadvantages that it’s worth mentioning.

The biggest concern among many people who deal with intermittent fasting, is especially less energy, lower concentration that through fasting and have in particular to hunger fight.

And this understandable concern to keep many people give a chance intermittent fasting at all. To be honest, who wants to be already at work or playing sports “handicapped among” and thus not be able, to provide full power.

Below you will find my personal experiences to do so. Advance: Of course any conversion has its disadvantages and it will take until it is in the rhythm – you as well as your body.

Hunger. Especially at the beginning, it is very difficult to forget the feeling of hunger. If you get used to is to eat regularly and surrounded his diet from one to the next day, then the body will contact you. Because this is used regularly to obtain food. The reason is that humans consume a meal usually every 3-4 hours. Thus, expected the body to fixed dates also a Nahrungsaufnehme and is used to being hungry.

Intermittent fasting, and the Ausslassen of a meal, you’re training to the body. This is a few days to a last week, however, the urge to eat something and the feeling of hunger by day is less to day.

In the first few days, you get the rumbling relatively well under control. Here, I have listed a few Tips & tricks against the feeling of hunger . The body get used to it quickly, and after a week it was no problem more, to refrain from the breakfast.

Often, there are also concerns whether it has and can ever really concentrate for example when working by fasting less energy . Just like in the hunger a habit thing of the body is the all. However, studies have shown that cognitive performance, sleep, activity and the mood in healthy people not by 48-stündigem fasting or caloric deprivation will be affected.

With time, the organism learns and adapts itself to the new rhythm. Here it’s hang in there! All beginnings are difficult, but over time it is always easier – promised. And coffee-drinkers can fight with a black coffee in the fasting period quite well against it.

Important notice: Fasting is not to recommend for any person without any restrictions! Especially people have blood sugar problems or suffer from diabetes should consult in advance be sure with their doctor. Some points should be observed during pregnancy.

Can I also take to and build muscles with intermittent fasting?


Weight loss is not always aspired. You can track intermittent fasting due to the previously featured health benefits.

Muscle building in the foreground is mainly for strength athletes. The flick of 1-2 on the day it is meals more difficult to absorb the same amount of calories. It is now easy to consume larger meals habit.

For this reason, many persons due to intermittent fasting take off. This is something positive but not for everyone. Track at best your meals and count calories so especially at the beginning to keep an overview (E.g. using MyFitnessPal).

I train myself regularly and for me is not picking up in the foreground. Especially the muscle is important for me in addition to the fat loss. The Leangains principle is designed especially for strength athletes and enables muscle growth with intermittent fasting.Here you will find all information to intermittent fasting and weight training with the Leangains method.

Tips and tricks for fasting

With all this information, you have a very good basis to achieve your personal goals successfully with Intermittent Fasting step by step. As already mentioned, it is not a panacea, with which you can take for example 40kg within a very short time. Realistic look at each nutrition! Because we are located with 10-15% in a moderate calorie deficit, bringing progress in slowly and continuously. It’s not Crashdiät here, but rather a lengthy nutrition. Dispense on the breakfast is not a free-for-all what to want to eat the remaining meals. Try to eat better quality food.

Hold on to your daily calories and you’ll see successes in the long run.

But these requirements please don’t take too seriously! You’re already hungry after 15 hours of fasting? Then be totally calm and give you the food taste, without having a bad conscience. Please don’t start to count the minutes.


Is it in the morning a birthday Brunch and evening a family celebration? Also not a problem. It is to move no problem at all to the food window or even a day not to fast. If we are honest, it is sometimes simply unavoidable.

It should not be just a habit, that one every week one or two days forego the interval fast.

Alone by the nutrition it will be possible to take off. However, this is all the more effective if you play more sports to. On the one hand, sport helps you to reach your calorie deficit as well as to keep fit and build muscle. This can be in the form of workouts, a short running unit or a leisurely stroll.

Listen to your body! If you find problems with respect to your performance, check your calorie intake. Especially in sports and in the work that is often, if not enough calories are absorbed. Also sure that you drink enough water – (at least 2 liters, rather 3 liters).

Fall into the “peer pressure” not! Especially at a joint breakfast with friends do you managed on baffled civilian looks and questions, as soon as you tell them that you are no longer frühstückst now. For many of the proverbs referred to at the beginning are burned so tightly, it simply just sounds crazy for them on the breakfast to waive. Because they often view breakfast as the most important meal.

Measuring progress for long-term success

You have to remove fear by intermittent fasting to muscles? Go when training at the borders and train with heavy weights. Document your progress exactly through trade fairs and pictures. Make also sure that you’re taking enough protein per day and your calorie deficit is not too high. Track your calories and stick to the preset calorie balance.

Intermittent fasting experiences

It can be said that intermittent fasting has some huge advantages if you want to achieve weight loss or a low body fat percentage.

Intermittent fasting also promotes the insulin sensitivity, increases the growth hormone and a positive effect against diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

However, the results, as also in any other form of nutrition or diet, vary from person to person. Check it out just for yourself, whether intermittent fasting is the best form of nutrition for you.

There is not a plan for intermittent fasting. In addition to the 16/8 method , there are many different forms of intermittent fasting, who all have its own purpose and limitations. Depending on the reactions of the body and your own preferences, the right plan can be the 5-2 method, in which they fast two days 24 hours per week.

The magic word is flexibility. Can you not give up breakfast? Then forgo the dinner instead.

Document your results! Making from the outset photos (sides, front, back), weigh you and hold your data such as fat content in writing. Document your progress on a weekly basis and see how your body reacts on the nutrition.

Decisions according to the first results, whether the chosen plan which is right for you or if another method better fits for you. You didn’t pick up? Then check again your calculated number of calories and reduce it step by step.

Reading Tip: Here I have my personal intermittent fasting experiences in detail stated.

I’m looking forward to your feedback and answer questions like:

  • Do you have any questions or concerns around the subject of intermittent fasting?
  • Have you already made experiences with intermittent fasting? Then they like to share in the comment column.
  • Have you had success with fasting?
  • You want to publish your experiences with intermittent fasting on this page? Just write me and let us talk about it.

I look forward to your comments and the upcoming conversation or discussion!


Fan of everything health and fitness related. My mission is to share my knowledge and experience with as many people as possible and help them to find their ideal path to perfect health.