Keto Diet for Women – Pros and Cons

Calorie balance, hormones and menstruation. Points that play a major role in the keto diet for women. Should women still eat low carbohydrate?

Is keto diet right for women?

 The subject of “keto diet for women” has often been questioned and rightly so. Even though Keto represents a healthy and great outlook on life for women, it’s often not so easy for the women’s world to implement.

I’m not a woman, so I’ve never actually given so much thought to whether there are differences between a man and a woman in the ketogenic diet that should be noted. I hope the women’s world forgives me! Basically, there is absolutely no reason why women eat ketogenically, the successes and healthy aspects are the same as in men and also especially in the medical field I was allowed to experience many things that I did not know yet, I just say “menstruation.” So I set out and asked women and female doctors who could eat ketogenically and give me virtually real answers.

Is Keto Easy for Women?

Keto or Low Carb High Fat with the aim of losing weight is easier for men than for women, which is usually due to the calorie deficit, which must be maintained for weight loss and the high calorie content of high-fat foods.

A recipe with a lot of fat is very filling, but at the same time it also brings a lot of calories. While men mostly require a higher basal metabolic rate of calories than women, it’s not a problem to eat much and still stay below total sales, the result:The rapid weight loss. Women, on the other hand, usually have to tighten the calorie balance much, unless they do a lot of exercise on a regular basis. A meal I eat as a man is sometimes close to a woman’s total daily calorie turnover.

Nevertheless, it is of course possible to lose weight successfully with Keto, just you must not lose sight of the calories and macronutrients. All the women I was allowed to talk to confirmed to me that you have much easier weight with the ketogenic diet and to stick with it than with other “diets” based on a high carbohydrate content. They do not feel any cravings in ketosis, or feel in any way that the body is missing something.

My tip: If you want to lose weight, try to track your food, stay on the right track. The margin in the calorie balance is the only hurdle that makes it harder for women.* A very interesting contribution to women and fat burning comes from Lyle McDonald. The successful author has been dealing with the topic of nutrition, fitness and the human body for several decades and coaches many professional athletes.

Hunters And Gatherers

Yes, I know this comparison is old, but it fits on the subject of keto. Often, the ketogenic diet is associated with intermittent fasting, as this can speed up weight loss and support ketosis. Men are designed to hunt, they can go for longer periods without food while enduring physical strain without harming. When you think about it, it’s clear, men had to travel long distances to hunt food in the Stone Age. Without food, but always focused and physically ready to fight.

Women, on the other hand, are physically created to give birth to children. In extreme hunger, of course, it would not be advisable to get pregnant, so evolution has ensured that women often do not get a period when the body has a very low body fat percentage or is in a longer fasting state. The body sets priorities and these would be to supply organs and brain, reproduction then no longer comes first.

The ketogenic diet is highly recommended, even for women! A nutritional form with many healthy fats, as is the case with keto, is a very healthy and good thing. Healthy fats bring a high energy density and signal to the body that everything is in the green area.


Many women report hot hunger attacks during their period, which makes it difficult to keep the overall calories, the hormones play a big role in this topic.

But what surprised me greatly, many … or rather, almost all the women surveyed reported that with the switch to a low-carbohydrate diet, the first time their period took place regularly and did not cause as many complaints, the bleeding was in Far from as strong, mood swings failed to materialise and headaches were also a thing of the past. Many of the women have already had a severely irregular period for a number of years, or even none at all. After the changeover, it occurred regularly.

So it’s no wonder that many PCOS patients are now advised to switch to ketogen. PCOS, the polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disorder that causes typical cycle disturbances. Speaking to a gynaecologist, she informed me that the ketogenic diet is, in her opinion, the best treatment for PCOS and she wished all patients would remove sugar/carbohydrates from your meal plan.

The female conclusion of all respondents: Stay brave about your calories and macronutrients, even if you won’t lose weight as quickly as your male comrades-in-arms, it works and the health effects are the same.

You can go through the ketogenic diet as a woman without restrictions, you will take all the benefits with you, as will we men. If you find it difficult or need motivation, write to us or interact with other women in our community!

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