Lean Body Hacks Review- A Golden Ratio That Will Shed You Kilos

Losing weight in the fast-paced world is easier said than done. Our sedentary lifestyle isn’t a luxury anymore. For many of us, it has become a necessity. You have to sit for long hours working on computers, attending meetings and so on. Therefore, it gets extremely tough to follow a workout routine and proper diet plan.

And the more you think about it, the more stressful it becomes. So why don’t you look for other ways apart from just working out to lose weight? Randy Smith and Mike Zhang did just that and found a compelling blend of herbs and spices that help lose weight.

They have included this and many more tips, tricks, and recipes to help lose weight. So does this really work? What else do you get in this program? After reading this Lean Body Hacks review, you’ll get a rounded view of whether it is the right weight loss program for you or not.

What is the Lean Body Hacks Program?

Gaining weight is an easy and natural process. You can do it by making a habit of eating foods rich in fats, having a sedentary lifestyle, stressing and such. Any overweight or obese person would testify the fact. Now since gaining weight is natural, losing weight should be too.

How does the reverse mechanism seem harder and even impossible in some cases? Solutions to both, gaining as well as losing weight, lie in nature. If you understand how your body works, you’d be better able to determine how to lose or gain weight.

Lean body hacks creators focused on this factor and started researching how we can take nature’s help to lose weight. After thorough research, they came to know that an unbalanced intestinal flora is an obstacle that stops you from losing weight.

An unbalanced intestinal flora slows down the metabolic rate and results in fat accumulation in the body. Then they found a study that claimed that a unique combination of herbs and spices could improve your intestinal flora and metabolism.

Their belief in finding the solution in nature turned into reality. Lean Body Hacks provides this compelling combination of herbs and spices to include in your meal and lose weight quickly. But that’s not all.

This 21-day program contains an abundance of valuable information to improve your overall health. You’ll get answers to common problems like how to reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, foods to avoid and more. It also contains highly effective Detox Tea recipes, motivational videos, meal plans and more.

Everything is available online on their website. As soon as you buy the product, you can download the content on your phone or computer and instantly start your routine. The herbs and spices mentioned in the book aren’t rare.

Perhaps you’d find most of these at home or nearby grocery stores. We’ll discuss more the contents of the book in this Lean Body Hacks Review further. But first, it’s essential to know about the people behind it.

Lean Body Hacks: Who Created it and Why?

Thai Boxing Champion Mike Zhang, along with US Marine Sniper Randy Smith, created the revolutionary program. Mike completed his Master’s in Applied Sciences and started pursuing a career in health research. That’s around the time when Randy, an acquaintance of Mike, came to know that his mother had severe health complications.

The reason behind her condition was her sedentary lifestyle since Randy’s birth. Doctors were starting to lose hope. Her obesity was a significant obstacle to effective treatment. Randy joined hands with Mike, and they both began advanced regeneration research.

They successfully blended specific herbs and spices in a different ratio, which was perhaps their last resort in saving Randy’s mother. Fortunately, the formula worked, and she shed over 20 pounds with a proper diet mixed with those herbs. Now they’re sharing their unique method and getting accolades from around the world.

How does Lean Body Hacks Work?

Lean Body Hacks offers a unique combination of herbs and spices that can be added to any diet and help to lose weight quickly. Using the formula in a distinctive ratio makes the body get energy through fat-burning instead of the regular carbs.

It is because these spices improve the production of fat burners in the human body. Our bodies have four elements that burn fat: stomach acids, bile, gut flora and digestive enzymes.

Bile is an efficient emulsifier of fats in the body. It transforms fat-absorbing cells in the body to fat-burning ones. It is also useful in detoxification, which boosts the energy. Gut flora, on the other hand, controls how the absorption of energy in our body.

The better it works, the better is our metabolism and the more fat will burn. Now, the said spices help increase the production of all these juices and digestive enzymes. This effectively encourages fat burning without an actual energy loss by working out.

Of course, it’s not to say that working out is terrible or won’t help you. But Lean Body Hacks here offers a way for those who can’t exercise, feel tired instantly, and are dealing with obesity for a long time. As fat burning and energy increase, you’ll also be able to work out regularly.

Lean Body Hacks: What does it include?

Main Manual

The most important part of the program is listed in the first section, which is the main manual. Yes, here you will get the herbs and spices along with the golden ratio you have to mix them in. Moreover, these ingredients are readily available in local markets. Here are the key elements of the formula:

●     Turmeric

It’s hard to find a kitchen without turmeric. But you may not know that the popular spice can improve metabolism levels hours after consumption. This, in turn, reduces belly fat and makes you feel more energetic. It’s also a popular home remedy to treat stomach issues and obesity.

●     Fenugreek

These popular herbs can do wonders for your stomach problems. The fibrous compound named Galactomannan decreases the appetite, which helps prevent binge eating.

●     Ginseng

Another ayurvedic herb that quite effectively suppresses appetite. It encourages the production of digestive enzymes and quickens the fat burning process. It also eliminates toxins from the body, thus leaving you feeling energetic.

Detox Tea Guide

Here is a list of flavorful and healthy detox teas that help in burning belly fat. Just focus on maintaining the ratio of spices in your drink and drink them consistently to achieve the best results. You’ll find richly flavoured teas like oregano metabolic tea, turmeric tea, spicy ginger tea, and more.

21-Day Guide

This guide teaches you how to best use spices to lose weight. If you follow the step-by-step instructions in the manual, you can lose as much as 8 pounds a week apart from reducing stress.

Day Accountability Check-In

You can contact the creators of Lean Body Hacks via mail to clear your doubts and provide your valuable feedback. They can give you customised tips to make the process more efficient.

Pros of Lean Body Hacks

  • The spices are readily available and are scientifically proven to help lose weight
  • Use of natural ingredients ensures it won’t have side effects
  • The spice-infused teas can effectively reduce stress and eliminate toxins
  • You get bonus smoothie recipes and libido boosters with the package
  • The 60-Day money-back guarantee makes it a risk-free deal

Cons of Lean Body Hacks

  • You’d need to buy all the ingredients from the market and regulate the ratio yourself. The guide only offers recipes and not any actual product.


Lean Body Hacks is a comprehensive 21-day program that gives you a way to lose weight with the minimum workout. Those who just have to sit in their offices all-day must try this product. Moreover, the spices and herbs they suggest are all-natural and common.

They are scientifically proven to offer tens of health benefits. The spice-infused teas, too, not only help in weight loss but also treats cold, relieve stress, and boosts energy. The overall infusion of these spices in your daily diet would ensure the proper health of the body as well as mind.

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