What is Lecithin? Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Lecithin is a type of fat found in every cell of our body. Lecithin consists, among other things, of phosphorus, vitamin B and fatty acids.

The entire human body needs lecithin. The brain, liver, and heart need lecithin in the largest quantities.

Phosphorus is one of the essential building blocks for our bodies. Phosphorus makes up 1 percent of your entire body. The B vitamins are especially critical for the metabolism, the production of enzymes, and also for healthy blood.

Your body needs the right fatty acids for good cholesterol and other functions in the body. Phosphorus is found, among other things, in lecithin.

Nowadays, our current diet does not contain enough lecithin, which is why more and more people use lecithin supplements.

What foods contain lecithin?

  • nuts
  • pits
  • seeds
  • egg yolks
  • dairy products
  • cheese
  • plant-based oils

Due to our way of life and the emergence of “fast food,” it is easier not to get enough lecithin. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the treatment of prepared food is a process that breaks down the lecithin. Food that does initially contain lecithin, therefore, no longer has this in sufficient sizes when it has reached our plate.

Benefits of Lecithin?

Maybe it would be helpful if I listed all the benefits of lecithin for our bodies. This will provide a clear insight into why we need lecithin so much.

#1 Converts fats into energy.

If you are going to exercise to lose weight you need lecithin to turn your abdominal fat and other fat stores into energy that leaves your body.

#2 Improves learning and concentration.

Whatever your profession, concentration on your task is always important to avoid mistakes. If you find it difficult to focus on your task, you can take more lecithin to improve it.

#3 Improves memory.

“Oops. Forget about it.” Do you think that when you come home with the groceries? Even then, food with lecithin can be the solution because of the B vitamins and fatty acids your brain also needs. So don’t forget to buy that (unsalted) nut mix in the supermarket.

#4 Promotes sleep

This is a win-win situation if you suffer from high cholesterol and poor sleep. A good night’s sleep will make you eat a late snack less often.

#5 Conducive to pregnancy.

Especially when you’re pregnant, you have to watch what you eat. Therefore, try to stay away from processed foods. You will automatically eat more food containing lecithin because no chemical process has been applied to unprocessed food, causing the lecithin to disappear.

#6. Promotes Weight Loss.

Many weight loss products contain lecithin. This may have to do with converting fat into energy that promotes weight loss.

#7. Protects the nerves.

Especially if you suffer from diseases that damage your nerves, such as diabetes, eating food or supplements containing lecithin is a way to enjoy your sense of touch for longer.

#8. Stimulates the hormonal balance.

To function properly your thyroid gland needs all kinds of substances that lecithin provides. As a result, it also stimulates the hormonal system.

#9. Takes on toxins in your body.

Fatty acids, minerals and vitamins support your immune system. The substances in lecithin also help your immune system through the fats and minerals.

#10. Reduces abdominal fat.

Did I mention converting fat to energy? That’s possible even before the fat reaches the belly.

#11. Reduces menstrual complaints.

Because of the improved hormone balance, it also has an influence on, for example, PMC complaints. Mood changes due to hormonal changes can therefore occur less frequently.

#12. It helps prevent gallstones.

Because lecithin affects cholesterol, it also helps to prevent gallstones. This is very important because gallstones can cause other serious complications, such as pancreatitis.

#13. It helps to firm your skin.

The fatty acids in the lecithin support the skin’s flexibility and also its firmness. Very nice to fight against wrinkles and “hanging” skin.

And there are many more reasons why Lecithin is good for you!

Lecithin and cholesterol

Lecithin enters your body in 2 ways.

  • Via food
  • Own production in the body

A shortage of lecithin leads indirectly to an increase in cholesterol. A shortage of lecithin makes it easier for cholesterol to attach itself to the veins, because it does not dissolve optimally in the water in the blood. Lecithin therefore does not directly lower your “bad” cholesterol level. In the long run, however, the indirect effect does a lot of good.

So you’re not getting enough lecithin?

Then go eat some extra of the above foods. There is always an easier way. To eat healthily, we have to think of so many things. Lecithin can also be ingested through dietary supplements these days.  Not everyone is equally fond of this, but it is a way to get enough lecithin if it is not already sufficiently present in your diet.

Where to buy lecithin?

Lecithine is for sale in the better nature shop. Luckily there are also plenty of alternatives on the internet to buy lecithin. Make sure that you always buy your lecithin from a retailer you trust, so you know that the production is done in a safe and controlled way. If in doubt, you can always ask your local pharmacist for help.

Would you like to read more information about anything related to cholesterol? Then make sure you keep an eye on the cholesterol blog.


Lecithin is a substance full of fatty acids and phosphorus and it is very important for every cell in your body. Especially foods with a lot of natural fats, such as nuts and egg, are a good source of lecithin. By getting more lecithin from natural food you can make sure that you don’t suffer from too high a cholesterol level and that you also lose weight. This is because lecithin promotes the conversion of fat to energy and because it can reduce your feeling of hunger. So you automatically burn more and have less appetite than if you eat too little lecithin.

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