How to Lose Weight Without Yo-yo Effect

On the way to becoming the perfect figure for summer, some pitfalls lurk. So does the well-known yo-yo effect. Just when you could successfully reduce your weight after a diet and now indulge in your old eating habits again, one of the yo-yo effect comes to the small and strikes with a new weight gain. But there are ways to prevent the yo-yo effect from the start.

What is the yo-yo effect?

In children’s times, a yo-yo was associated with positive experiences playing. But if you come into contact with the yo-yo effect as an adult, you are mostly unhappy about the constant ups and downs, because this time it affects your own weight, which always falters again and again. And that imbalance can quickly frustrate. But why does the so-called yo-yo effect come about in the first place?

Gathering reserves for famine times

If you start a diet, you reduce your daily calories. Thus, if the body suddenly receives less energy than is normally common, it switches directly into savings mode and households with the amount of energy it receives. After a diet, the body needs much less energy than before, as it has learned to cope with a lower intake.

If we eat more than before after a diet, the body suddenly gets more energy again. And now the devil is in the detail: To arm ourselves against starvation, the body is now converting the excess energy into fat and storing it in the body for lean times. Actually, a very clever move that has shaped the evolutionary history of us humans.

Phased decreasing for long-term success

Especially radical diets let the pounds purple and bring us faster to the desired weight. However, this type of diet also accelerates the yo-yo effect and can therefore have many negative consequences for the body and health. A rapid loss is therefore strongly discouraged. In order to promote one’s own health, the weight should be slowly reduced.

In order to cleverly avoid the yo-yo effect and permanently bring the desired weight to the scales, it is important to change the diet consistently. A balanced diet combined with daily exercise and exercise is the key to success.

Eating with heads

Not only the number of calories is crucial, but above all the composition of calories. Ideal is a mixture of 12-15 percent protein, 55-60 percent carbohydrates and 25-50 percent fat of the total amount of calories per day. The amount of calories depends on age, gender, height and activity. The best way to get advice from your doctor is to do this.

Whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables taste delicious and can be enjoyed without remorse. And beware of hidden fats! Not only are they contained in various foods, such as sweets, but they also sneak into preparing the food. Coated pans, a frying hose or the method of cooking can prevent superfluous fat during preparation.

By the way: It is also very important for long-term success to become aware of one’s own eating behaviour. Chips to the TV thriller on Sunday evening or chocolate for tea in the afternoon – is usually not behind it a hunger, but a habit anchored for years. From childhood, we know that bans are particularly tempting. Alternatives are appropriate instead of bans. Grapes instead of chocolate for reading and cucumbers for crime thriller instead of chips. And from time to time snacking is also allowed, but not regularly. This exception should include alcohol.

Regular sport prevents the yo-yo effect

In addition to a balanced meal plan, daily exercise is the best weapon against the yo-yo effect. Which sport is the most suitable for you, you can decide for yourself. Whether you’re running, swimming, dancing or cycling, choose the sport you like best.

It is particularly tricky to accommodate movement in the whole course of the day. Staircase running instead of elevator riding and just changing the bike for the car – this not only brings variety to everyday life, but also your own body. And the beauty of it: Not only is the yo-yo effect avoided by sport, but by converting fat into muscles, the body is also shaped and toned.

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