8 Best Natural Appetite Suppressants

Cravings for chocolate, gummy bears or biscuits, everyone knows. Often it is he who makes a diet difficult and lets one kilo or another wander on the hips. But there is a remedy for the irrepressible desire for sweetness. Because natural appetite suppressants can help against cravings – we introduce them.

Anyone who thinks of pills and powders from the pharmacy or drugstore when it comes to appetite suppressants is mistaken. Such ones also exist, but their effect is questionable. Nature offers much better and healthier alternatives. And best of all: Natural appetite suppressants are also really delicious.

Natural appetite suppressants

#1 Natural appetite suppressant: Peppermint

This trick always works: In cravings, simply brush your teeth with a peppermint toothpaste. Especially after a hearty meal, when a sweet dessert beckons, you can conquer your cravings with the refreshing plant. Because by brushing your teeth, you signal to her body that the time for food intake is now over.

Plus, cleaning makes us feel fresh, the mouth is neutralized. That peppermint can help against appetite is even scientifically proven. But beware: Too frequent brushing of teeth easily attacks the enamel. But other products with peppermint, such as chewing gum or tea, can also help.

#2 Natural appetite suppressant: Apple

Cravings? Then eat an apple first. The fruit stabilizes the glucose balance in the blood and thus protects against “eating out” attacks on sweetness. Apples also boost digestion and support the production of fat-burning hormones. By the way, Braeburn, Pink Lady and Co. naturally contain plenty of vitamins.

#3 Natural appetite suppressant: Ginger

Ginger has an extremely stimulating effect on our body, as the root tickles a lot of taste buds in our mouths at the same time. So the appetite for sweetness, as well as fruity or cardiac hinged sharp can be satisfied.

Especially in the cold season ginger is therefore a great natural appetite suppressant when it is prepared as a tea. For this, simply peel a piece of ginger root, cut into thin pieces or slices and pour in hot water. After 2-3 minutes, the full aroma unfolds.

#4 Natural appetite suppressant: Tomatoes

The red vegetables must not go unmentioned when it comes to cravings and irrepressible appetite. Because tomatoes have a high chromium content. This stabilizes blood sugar levels and ensures that we stay full for a long time.

In addition, tomatoes are so wonderfully versatile: Whether in salad, as soup or delicious sauce for pasta, tomatoes, you can enjoy and eat a lot. You can even go on a tomato diet for a few days.

#5 Natural appetite suppressant: Protein

Zinc, just like chromium, lowers insulin levels and thus also curbs appetite. Especially eggs, whether as scrambled eggs or hard-boiled, contain plenty of the mineral. Delicious scrambled eggs recipes can be found in our gallery.

Eggs can be prepared in a variety of ways. How do you like them most?

#6 Natural appetite suppressant: Oatmeal

Not otherwise many nutrition experts recommend oatmeal with yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, because the cereal is full for a very long time and also provides a lot of magnesium.

The valuable mineral is responsible for the oxygen supply to the cells and thus stimulates fat burning. Start the day with our fruity Bircher’s muesli, for example.

#7 Natural appetite suppressant: Topinambur

So far, all natural appetite suppressors have seemed familiar to us. With Topinambur, it gets a little more exotic. The root bulb contains the fiber inulin. This swells in the gastrointestinal tract.

Blood sugar levels remain constant for longer and the feeling of hunger caused by insulin fluctuations becomes less. Try the fine topinambur soup, for example, or fried topinambur with garlic and parsley.

#8 Natural appetite suppressant: Lentils

Lentils have a very high fibre content. This ensures that we are full for many hours. In addition, lentils contain very little fat.

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