NJ Diet Review- Extraordinary diet for Shedding Stubborn Fat

Are you tired of looking at generalized diet plans that sound too vague and unrealistic? It’s only logical to feel like that as most diet plans today work on vague philosophies without proper research.

Today you’ll get to know about a program that is actually customized for your body. The NJ Diet program works on the reasons behind your obesity through proper biological testing and chalks out a diet plan for you. Read further into this NJ Diet review to see if it can be the answer to your obesity worries.

What is NJ Diet?

NJ Diet is a diet plan customized for quick weight loss without doing much physical exercise. It’s mainly for the people who have gained weight because of a sedentary lifestyle spending hours on desks.

Nutrition professionals customize the diet plan according to user-specific needs by testing them on various parameters. The program includes evaluation through genetic tests, professional consultations, and finally, meal plans.

They have also promised that you will lose anywhere between 20-40 pounds weight in under 40 days of following the diet plan. The manufacturers have dished out a money-back guarantee in case the program doesn’t work as claimed.

Apart from natural homemade recipes, the diet plan includes several supplements to boost up the weight loss process. The company claims the plan to regulate appetite, metabolism, burn stored fat, and boost energy too.

The program costs a whopping $99 but is available at a significant discount of $72 on its official website. You can enroll in it at $27 for now, which seems a pretty good deal. The program also promises to regulate hormonal balance and reduce toxins from your body.

So you might be wondering how exactly it does all that in such a short time. But before that, let us know the company behind this promising diet plan.

NJ Diet: Who Created it, and Why?

Several research centers in New Jersey joined hands to create the NJ Diet program named after the foundation city. Certified Nutrition experts have made sure that the program is natural and safe to incorporate in the daily routine of a man/woman of any age.

The brand has its separate website for users to register in the program online. The diet plan and consultation sessions will also be available through the site online.

How does the NJ Diet Program work?

Nutritionists at NJ Diet will first measure body fat percentage, body water percentage, BMI, bone and muscle mass, metabolic age, and fat percentage in the client’s body. They will also analyze your hair, saliva, and blood samples.

Testing them would give them a better understanding of your body and the way it will react to different diets. After that, they scan the bioenergy in the final stage of testing.

They then provide a diet plan customized to work best for your needs. The major impact points of the NJ Diet are suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism, and burning fat. They do it best by analyzing DNA and gene investigation.

Apart from listing the nutritional combination of meals, the NJ Diet plan also contains supplements to make different internal reactions balanced. It also focuses on a full-fledged detox wiping out toxins, heavy metals, and bacteria from the body.

NJ Diet Program: What does it include?

NJ Diet focuses on proper testing to understand the primary reasons for fat accumulation in your body. Different human beings can have distinct patterns of weight gain because of various factors.

Comprehensive analysis and testing ensure your diet plan works correctly on your problems. The program includes real-time consultation and solving queries by experts to help you follow the project properly. Here are the steps to follow the NJ Diet Plan:

Initial Evaluation

The initial consultation lets you know how they at NJ Diet work to ensure quick results. They will give you an overview of techniques employed to reduce appetite and work towards a healthy lifestyle.


NJ Diet then uses their medical body analysis to run scans and test your body’s condition. They will measure your BMI, water percentage, muscle mass, fat, metabolic age, BMI, and bone mass in this step.

Customized Diet Plans and Questions

Your diet plans will be comprehensive and holistic, with an array of recipes included with it. It’s easy to follow and crafted for you based on your test results.

It will also include dietary supplements to ensure you achieve the results quicker. Of course, it had to be there as NJ Diet makes such a substantial claim of making you lose 20-40 pounds in just 40 days.

The dietary supplements, though, don’t contain any harmful hormone calibrators or genetically modified organisms. They are safe to use and provide only natural ingredients.

NJ Diet Program- Does it really work?

The diet plans and analysis in the program do support weight loss, promote hormonal balance, and increase metabolism. Moreover, images and testimonials on their website do share success stories. But the only doubt we still have is that such quick weight loss does result in rebound weight gains.

Pros of NJ Diet Program

  • Promotes natural weight loss using a customized diet plan. They analyze your body’s current condition and try to make the diet plan as specific as they can.
  • Real-Time video consultation by nutrition experts
  • Boosts energy
  • Doesn’t require starving and involves calibrated fat burning process

Cons of NJ Diet Program

  • The full price might be expensive for a few customers
  • On-site tests and evaluation are only available in the New York Tristate area


If you’re not one of the patient ones or have your wedding in three months, this NJ Diet program review has given you a viable alternative. People in the US must reap the benefits of this customized diet plan involving advanced Biological tests.

Moreover, the diet schedule is easy to follow and doesn’t involve any side effects. They also recommend natural supplements which counter the imbalances in your body. The plan gets rid of the major factor behind your obesity and is undoubtedly worth a try at $27.

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