Noom Weight Loss Review – A Weight Loss Program to Guide You at Every Step

We all know how difficult it is to dedicate ourselves to designing a thorough diet plan and then sticking to it. It’s a never-ending list of problems – besides the obvious lack of time and low access to healthy food all the time, we often don’t get access to a nutritionist who can customize a diet plan. That’s where Noom comes in. It’s a weight loss program that promises to help you at every step. 

Unlike most weight loss programs, Noom does not offer a stringent diet plan that will make you want to crawl under your bed with a pizza. It asks people to stop dieting. Instead, it provides a structured plan and complete guidance to help you to develop healthy habits. Noom’s app lets you record food logs so that you can track what’s working for you, and experience an effective weight loss journey.  

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What is Noom?

Noom is a fitness program that helps you live a healthy life and achieve your health goals. It goes beyond just offering a strict diet plan with bland food. Instead, it offers a smart method. Following this will help you achieve your personal goals. It works incredibly well because it comes in the form of a mobile app that you have to download and install on your phone or tab.

With the Noom app, you can maintain a record of your meals, besides keeping tabs on your workout plans, finding recipes, setting goals, and tracking progress. You can also contact a health coach to get support on a personal level. You can also rate your level of motivation and even connect with people who have similar goals.  

Noom’s dietary plans are designed by experts. But, it understands that eating right is not enough. The calorie deficit is what helps with weight loss. The program addresses the psychological aspect of a healthy lifestyle. It addresses stress eating, emotional binging, and more. With Noom, the focus shifts from dietary changes to lifestyle changes and psychological well-being. 

What Does Noom Weight Loss App Do?

The Noom program functions mainly based on three principles –

a) No Dieting – Instead of thinking about what to eat and what to skip, it aims towards a healthy relationship with food.

b) Better Habits – Instead of wasting money on expensive dietary trends, it helps develop sustainable habits and follow your goals.

c) Controlled Mindset – Instead of chasing your goals blindly, you’ll learn to understand yourself and your goals, using your mind-power.

With the Noom app, you can:

  1. Get weekly challenges
  2. Receive information on nutrition, mental health, healthy habits, etc.
  3. Record meals, exercise, weight, etc.
  4. Track progress
  5. Get all-round help from a team of virtual coaches
  6. Monitor blood pressure and sugar levels with biometric tracking

The Noom app is user-friendly and comes with many of the standard features that you’ll find in free health apps. But, it stands out in the crowd because of its group chat option, expert coaching, and attention to behavioral and lifestyle changes.

How Noom’s Diet Plan Works

Noom’s diet plans are based on the simple principle of calorie deficit. It refers to the gap in the calorie intake and calories burnt, i.e., you consume fewer calories than you can burn. It takes your personal information like weight, height, age, gender, etc., and estimates your everyday calorie requirements. 

Next, it takes into consideration your target weight and the time within which you want to achieve it. Accordingly, the algorithm of the app calculates your calorie budget, i.e., how many calories can be consumed to maintain the right calorie deficit. It also takes care of healthy recommendations and doesn’t let the calorie intake drop below 1200 for women and 1400 for men. 

Noom Weight Loss Review: Pros and Cons

Noom concentrates on providing a long-term solution to your weight problems. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Noom’s diet plan and app.


  1. Focuses on the calorie density of different foods and beverages
  2. Lays particular emphasis on nutrients
  3. Offers dietary plan to create calorie deficits
  4. No restriction on specific foods or food groups for “clean” eating
  5. Offers flexible diet plans to include your favorites
  6. Gives access to an extensive collection of recipes
  7. Promotes change of behavior and attitude
  8. Helps reinforce healthy habits and break unhealthy ones
  9. Provides a psychological approach towards executing new habits
  10. Equips you with the education and tools to maintain weight effectively
  11. Has a team of health experts, from nutritionists to psychologists to guide and support you 


  1. The base price of the program is $49 a month. This is quite steep compared to other apps.
  2. Noom’s facilities are only available on the smartphone app. You can’t access it using a laptop.
  3. The support team is only available during working hours. Additional assistance is chargeable. 

Is Noom Weight Loss Program Effective?

Noom was developed in 2008, and since then, it has gained success quite rapidly. But, is Noom any different from other weight loss programs? Is it just another fad diet based on pseudoscience? Will it set realistic goals for you and yield results? It’s normal to ask such questions. 

The brand claims that it can help you lose as much as 18 lbs in a matter of just 16 weeks as you take steady steps towards a healthy life and conscious living. Nearly 85% of Noom’s users have not only lost weight but have also sustained the weight. 

Noom isn’t about identifying certain food items as harmful and eliminating them from your diet. Instead, it takes a psychological approach toward achieving short goals and building better habits. You’ll get complete expert guidance so that the program is not only effective but also sustainable.


A strict diet or extreme workouts won’t help you lose weight and get ripped. You need a steady and gradual method for that. You also need to develop healthy habits and be mentally prepared to follow them. Noom’s dietary plans, support from experts, and psychological approach help you learn to maintain a healthy relationship with food and sustain a wholesome life.

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