Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Review- A herbal solution to fat-less belly

Obesity has become an undeniable part of the modern world. According to WHO, as of 2016, over a whopping, 39% of adults were overweight, while 13% were obese. And it has slowly become an accepted problem among the masses. People have started finding ways to lose weight quickly and easily.

The pursuit of finding the magic formula in losing weight is seemingly endless. Tons of companies are offering ‘magical’ products and making absurd claims about losing weight in a week. One thing is for sure; there’s no separate magical product that can make you lose weight instantly.

Any program for weight loss has to be an integrated and holistic one. Without a proper diet, exercise is worthless and vice versa. Moreover, not every workout plan can help eliminate obesity quickly.

Fortunately, we came across the Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic that has taken just the right approach to fight obesity. In this Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic review, we’ll explain why every obese person needs to try it.

What is the Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic?

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic is a full-fledged, comprehensive weight loss program by Mike Banner. Don’t get misled by the name; it’s not a single tonic. Neither is it your traditional weight loss program that involves usage of chemical supplements and fat-burning belts. Instead, it’s a 100% proven diet plan based on an ancient Japanese tribe, Okinawa.

It’s the secret behind the people of Okinawa’s long life expectancies. Obesity is a term unknown to people of Okinawa, and this program by Mike Banner reveals why. You won’t be using any artificial tonics or chemicals if you enroll in this program.

The book is a strategic amalgamation of tips and shortcuts to weight loss, delicious fat-burning recipes, secret Okinawa drink recipes, and more. You’ll find motivational audio files, video guides to fat-burning exercises, etc. You are also getting a full-fledged diet and workout routine at a steal price.

The best thing about using 100% natural products is that you won’t have a fear of side effects. You don’t actually get the exact recipe used by people in Okinawa here. The ingredients they use are almost impossible to find in our cities.

Instead, Mike Banner and his researchers discovered similar ingredients and food combinations that you can readily find.

Moreover, you’re not going to starve while rapidly losing body fat. Following this diet will provide you enough energy to complete your resistance training program and other metabolic activities.

Key Principle Behind Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic

The primary purpose of this program is to fight a minute protein called C-reactive protein, which is the most common reason behind obesity. The protein blocks metabolism by disrupting mitochondrial functioning and stops the hormone called adiponectin. Adiponectin is responsible for metabolic activity, and it being blocked results in fat accumulation.

CRP also encourages inflammation and severe fatigue, which is why obese people feel tired all day. As your weight grows, CRP multiplies, further disrupting the function of mitochondria. As a result, it doesn’t convert fat into energy and instead stores it in the body.

The tonics in this program help switch on adiponectin, hence improving energy levels and metabolism. They also eliminate CRP and enable the mitochondria to release more energy, thus lowering the risks of diseases and encourage weight loss.

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic: Who created it, and Why?

Mike Banner, the creator of Okinawa flat belly tonic, truly realized the dangers of obesity after a tragic accident in his family. His sister Susan failed to save her child from drowning due to her obesity. The incident made him determined to work towards an effective fat-burning formula.

During his research, Mike stumbled upon the magical obesity-free history of Okinawa. He contacted Dr. Tamaki to understand their spectacular weight loss formula. Along with the researchers’ team, Mike created this comprehensive program whose first test targeted his sister Susan.

Susan lost a whopping 33 pounds in just a month. Within two months, she had cut 54 pounds of fat off her body—Mike, then just had to share this system with the rest of the world.

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic- What’s Inside?

The main components of the program include:

●    Main Manual

Here is a 47-page manual that covers everything you should eat and every item you should avoid eating. You’ll understand the dieting process through thoughtful questions and answers. Moreover, it also includes six secret shortcuts used by people of Okinawa to burn fat.

●    Flat Belly Tonic Drink Recipes

You will find a total of ten drinks, all of which help fight the dreadful C-Reactive protein in your body. It’s a recipe list of refreshing smoothies and delicious teas. These drinks also induce more energy, which allows you to exercise correctly and burn fat quickly.

●    Quick Start Guide

This is a short yet comprehensive 4-week diet plan of 22 pages. You will find a complete list of vegetables you need to eat throughout the month to reach the Okinawa people’s health standard.

●    Flat Belly Recipes

You’ll never have to stress out and think about how to incorporate prescribed vegetables into your meal. In this guide, you get 100 fat burn recipes segregated adequately into various meals like dinner(fish), lunch, breakfast, desserts, dinner(meat), snacks, and more.

●    Power-Packed Smoothies

Here you will get 20 energy-boosting smoothies that will act as an effective pre-workout drink and snack. Kick-off your mornings with a delightful glass of peanut butter smoothie, Berry cocktail smoothie, avocado protein, or other flavor drinks mentioned here.

●    Think Your Way Thin- Audiobook

The determination to lose weight and become healthy comes from within. You need to have the right mindset to maintain consistency in your routine. This motivational audio track will clear any anxiety, self-doubts, and negative thoughts that might mar your mind.

●    Quick Start Videos

The tonic also has a host of quick start videos to kick start your program. lThis includes a 5-minute guide to start your nutrition plan, physical guide video, and toxic-elimination guide.

The physical guide includes a three-step exercise plan to burn fat quickly. You would have to walk daily, follow a 15-min high-intensity training program, and two 15-min resistance training sessions every week.

Does Okinawa Flat Belly Toxin Really Work?

Since Mike Banner’s tonic is scientifically approved, it’s worth a try. The nutrition plans, recipes, exercises, and smoothies do well to stop the generation of C-Reactive protein. The Journal of Obesity states that weight gain is synonymous with CRP level increase.

Since the significant target of this program is C-Reactive protein, it’s undoubtedly a standout product. It integrates every aspect of weight loss and doesn’t use any ‘magic formula.’ It’s scientifically backed and will indeed work if you follow the guide properly.

Pros of Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic

  • Cost-effective option. It also offers a comprehensive guide at a steal price.
  • No side effects due to herbal ingredients
  • Quick and effective results start showing in a week
  • 60-Day Money-back guarantee testifies the reliability of the product
  • Easy to follow the program for beginners
  • One hundred recipes to lose weight and treat your tastebuds too.

Cons of Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic

  • Some of the information in this program is available online, but it might be challenging to find.


While the program does require a level of change in lifestyle, it’s only for the better if you follow it strictly. The program works on the core reasons behind obesity. It acts in an integrated manner. The tonics attack CRP and encourage the production of energy through fat-burning.

The first change you’d perhaps feel is the jump in energy levels. Carrying out daily tasks will suddenly become more manageable. Of course, it involves natural processes and isn’t any magic tonic that’d show instant results. But with a 60-day money-back guarantee, we find no reason why you shouldn’t try this program.

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