Old School New Body Review- an Ultimate program to get shredded

Are you losing sleep over feeling older than your age? Is that boy calling you ‘aunt’ or ‘uncle’ on the street giving you nightmares? It’s a fact that most middle-aged people look older than their age. A significant factor behind this is the lack of fitness and proper nutrition. 

You might have pondered about going for surgeries or pills in such a situation. Fortunately, there’s a simpler and more effective way to look youthful again. Here we write the old school new body review. Let’s look at this simple workout routine that can provide you with guaranteed results in just a few weeks.

What is the Old School New Body Program?

The old school new body program is a resistance workout plan based on moderate weight exercises. The principal aim of this workout program is to get you a lean and toned physique through a high fatigue regime. 

The more muscular you get, the faster your body burns fat. The well-planned regime of low weight workouts makes the program suitable for newcomers as well as aged people. The key purpose of this workout is to:

● Gain lean muscle
● Burn fat
● Increase growth hormone production in the body
● Make the joints stronger
● Maintain body shape and muscle size
● Make you look young and stay strong even after 40

F4X System

The Old School New Body program employs moderate weight exercises using some specified principles. The compilation of these principles is called the F4X Protocol.

The reason behind using moderate weights is that it puts less stress on joints. The high number of reps and sets equals high muscle fatigue. Such a combination is apt for those looking to maintain strong muscles despite having weakened joints. This is, therefore, the ideal program for people aged above 40 and even over 60.

You should get one thing clear in the old school new body review- you would need weights like dumbells and kettlebells to follow the program. It starts with some bodyweight exercises, but you’d have to invest some in equipment for the best results. 

Now, if you’re a woman with the misconception that weight training will make you look giant or manly, stay for a little while more. We’re going to reveal that the co-founder and the first beneficiary of the program is a woman only!

Old School New Body Program: Conception and Creation

Steve Holman joined hands with wife Becky Holman and John Rowley to create this revolutionary program.

While Steve had been working out since he was 15, he has admitted that he’s achieved his best shape only after following the F4X Protocol. But the most spectacular testimonial of old school new body review is from Becky Holman herself.

Entering her 40s with a lifetime of overweight appearance, Becky hadn’t imagined that she would grow slimmer. But F4X Protocol was nothing less than magical for her. She got significantly leaner in just a couple of months. 

Old School New Body Program: What it Offers You

Old School New Body is a comprehensive collection of audio interviews, fitness videos, PDFs, diet plans, F4X workout plans, and special reports. 

It starts with the quick start guide, which essentially includes all the F4X exercises. But since it’s a new style of workout for you, we recommend you to go through the whole book. You’ll find research, facts, and a lot of motivational content. Here we discuss in the old school new body review what this book contains:

Quick Start Guide- F4X Workouts 

The short 15-page guide contains the 3 F4X workout plans included in the book. The quick guide is a must-have during exercise sessions. 

F4X is the short form for Focus-4 exercises. It contains four core exercises, namely-

1. Squats
2. Incline presses
3. Bent over rows
4. Upright rows

The F4X Protocol lists three different regimes for different goals. You can finish any of the workout plans under 60 minutes, so it’d be easy to manage. Moreover, the exercise routine involves only three days a week, which makes it ideal for working professionals. Here are the three workouts you get to choose from:

● F4X Lean

This exercise mode is the stepping stone to reach more challenging goals. It’s ideal for those who haven’t hit the gym in years. You can get used to the weights and prepare your muscles for the tougher challenges ahead. 

People above the age of 60 or having fragile joints should opt for this plan.

● F4X Shape

Elevate the intensity with this effective workout plan for quick results. The exercises will remain just the same as in the lean version, but a bit more hectic. It takes about 45 minutes for each session, and you’d have to sweat it out three times a week.

● F4X Build

The most intense of the three workouts, F4X Build, is for the hardcore bodybuilders. You’d gain a ripped and muscular physique weeks after starting this regime. You should transcend to this plan after working out for several months or at least a few weeks to avoid sprains. 

It requires a prolific diet and some serious effort to do this kind of workout. 

Special Reports

The book contains a host of certified reports that include tips to burn fat, increase stamina, foods, and supplements, among other recommendations. Here a few reports you’d find:

● Ultimate Health & Happiness Secrets Special Report
● Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets Special Report
● Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets Special Report
● Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets Special Report

The reports can turn out to be quite helpful for newbies. It’s your one-stop guide for all your fitness-related queries. 

Professional Audio Interviews

You also get a free collection of interviews by well-known fitness professionals with the book. Here are a few famous interviews you must check out:

● Tom Platz interview
● Jennifer Nicole Lee interview
● Shawn Phillips interview
● Bill Phillips Interview
● Tom Venuto Interview

Diet Book

The diet book of the program contains several recipes and diet recommendations that help your body adapt better to the exercise routines. These tasty dishes and protein-rich meals are extremely easy to prepare. 

By using all the components of the program as recommended, you can quickly get your body in shape without harassing it. This program ensures complete toning and shaping through timed workouts, proper diet, and accurate recommendations. 

Advantages of the Old School New Body Program

  • Quick and efficient workout plans ideal for those with a tight schedule. You can complete your exercises in under 60 minutes.
  • Ideal for ageing bodies looking to gain back the shape of old.
  • A well-laid nutrition plan that doesn’t starve you but rather suggest 5-6 meals a day.
  • Tried and tested by experts from the fitness industry.
  • Money-back guarantee

Disadvantages of the Old School New Body Program

  • More images and video links could have been added.
  • The information about supplements is quite generic.
  • Online-exclusive content that might be inaccessible for those with a poor connection.


Old School New Body is a must-try resistance training program for ageing people looking to stay fit. It can help you reach most of your fitness goals, including getting leaner, muscular, or just in shape. 

The workouts are time efficient and quite simple, even for newbies. The 60-day money-back guarantee is a further assurance of how Old School New Body delivers what it claims. Overall, the program is a perfect body-toning regime for everyone.

Health and nutrition writer for DietToSuccess.com. Mother of two and passionate ultramarathon runner. Excited to share great resources with my readers and help them live their best healthy life.

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