One Meal A Day: Can the OMAD diet help you lose weight?

After the Christmas gluttony, many people mainly want to get rid of one thing: annoying fat pads. The OMAD diet, which is popular at the moment, comes just in time, as it is supposed to let the kilos go in just one week. But how effective is the “One Meal A Day” method in practice?

Raclette, hot wine, Christmas cookies, roast duck: As you know, many of us like to go over the hollyhocks over the holidays.

The Omad Diet
One Meal A Day

Unfortunately the calorie traps make themselves noticeable fast at our problem zones. How does one get rid of the extra kilos? Especially fast and uncomplicated is the weight loss with the so-called OMAD diet to work.

“One Meal A Day” is the principle of the current weight loss trend. Here you can find out what is behind the method and how efficient it really is.

How does the OMAD diet work?

One thing should be said in advance: the OMAD diet requires a lot of self-discipline. Those who find it difficult to skip whole meals should only follow the diet for a few days.

As the name suggests, this weight loss method involves eating only one meal a day. Whether you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner is up to you.

It is best if you always eat at the same time. This way the body can get used to the intermittent fasting rhythm.

The choice of food is also not mandatory. Even high-calorie foods such as pizza, pasta, burgers and co. are allowed. However, there are some rules that must be obeyed: We eat in a time window of one hour. We fast for the remaining 23 hours.

Even if it is difficult, don’t fill your stomach, but eat your meal consciously and concentrated. Because a second helping is unfortunately not planned.

Stacking food is also not allowed with this diet – the meal on your plate should not be more than seven centimetres high. A double burger with extra cheese is therefore not a suitable choice!

Does It Really Work?

The OMAD diet is considered to be a particularly strict form of intermittent fasting. This weight loss method has recently become one of the most popular diet trends and can be performed in various forms.

However, the Principle is always the same: there is a certain period of time during which you can eat – and a time window during which food intake is stopped.

The OMAD diet is considered to be particularly effective in losing a lot of weight in a short period of time. Due to the extremely reduced food intake, the body switches to so-called ketosis. This is a condition in which stored body fat is used instead of carbohydrates from food to produce energy.

In addition, the “One Meal A Day” principle allows you to give your body a much smaller amount of calories when losing weight. This means you lose weight automatically. At the same time you benefit from numerous advantages for your health.

According to experts, cardiovascular diseases can be prevented and blood pressure stabilized in this way.

Remember, however, that the diet will not last longer than a week. Otherwise you could develop a nutrient deficiency – if you do it permanently, extreme fasting is definitely not healthy.

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