Losing weight with low-carb diets

Losing weight by taking fewer carbohydrates: One of the most effective methods to lose weight is the low-carb diet. Friends of a sumptuous meal get their money’s worth here, because instead of calories, only carbohydrates are counted on these diets. Fats and proteins can consume removable in indefinite quantities. However, according to the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), including and others, low-carb diets are too high in fat and protein to be recommended as permanent nutrition.

Low carbohydrate food

Low-carb diets

Nevertheless, there are a variety of these diet forms, which differed in fat and protein intake, but all of which do not have carbohydrates. So low-carbohydrate food is on the food plan.

The original low-carb variants include the Atkins and South Beach diets. The idea behind not to give up carbohydrates is to interrupt energy intake. This comes mainly from carbohydrates. If carbohydrates are no longer supplied, the body must attack fat reserves to produce the necessary energy. This is how weight loss occurs.

Atkins Diet

Cardiologist Robert Atkins developed this diet in America in the 1970s. It is the most radical form of a high fat and protein diet. In a four-stage sequence, a limited intake of carbohydrates is regulated, while at the same time the consumption of meat, fish, eggs and cheese may take place on an unrestricted scale. The importance of fruit, vegetables and fibre is not taken into account in this diet.

In summary, this arguably makes the Atkins diet the least recommended variant of low-carb diets.

South Beach Diet

Here, too, a heart specialist from America was at work. According to Dr Arthur Agatston, the ideal figure is achieved in three phases: First, only meat, poultry, fish and some vegetables may be eaten for one to two weeks. After that, some side dishes from Mediterranean cuisine are allowed. Finally, in moderation, some favourite foods, such as pancakes, may be consumed in the otherwise low-carbohydrate kitchen.

Good about this diet is the preference for a proper fat quality in the form of vegetable fats. However, this leads to French fries, for example, being considered more recommended than a foil potato. In addition, the intake of sufficient fruit, vegetables and fibre is too low. The recipes are too complicated and cost the consumer dearly due to the hard-to-obtain ingredients.

Glyx Diet

Over time, low-carb diets have evolved to the so-called Glyx diets. The intake of carbohydrates is permitted under certain conditions. Based on their effect on blood sugar levels, carbohydrates are divided into “good ” and “nasty .” The so-called glycaemic index indicates how quickly blood sugar levels rise after eating various carbohydrate-rich foods.

It soars too much, there is a high release of the hormone insulin, which removers the sugar from the blood. Hot-starvation can result. Carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (glyx) such as whole grains, legumes and fruit are therefore the order of the day.

Compared to the other low-carb diets, this weight loss variant is the most moderate for the content of fat in the diet and the fibre content is sufficient by eating lots of fruit and vegetables. Still, overall, the Glyx diet is still too high in protein and fat and the carbohydrate intake too low, making it unsuitable for permanent nutrition.

At the beginning of the diet, the recommended intake is far too low in calories, and shopping with the glyx table is extremely complicated. Here, too, scientifically untenable promises are being made regarding the effect of dietary supplements and Fat burners.

No products made from white flour, potatoes and sugar are allowed from the group of carbohydrates, only corn, whole grains and chocolate with lots of cocoa may occasionally be on the menu. In addition, there are plenty of fish, lean meats, legumes and fruits and vegetables.

The LOGI and Montignac methods, as well as the Strictly diet, are the most well-known forms of the Glyx diet.

LOGI method

LOGI stands for Low Glycemic Index (low glycemic index). This method is not a diet in the narrower sense, but is propagated as a permanent diet. The founder Dr. Nicolai Worm posits that our Stone Age genes make us unsuitable for today’s carbohydrate-rich diet.

Fruit and vegetables are recommended in sufficient quantities, but there is a significant restriction on whole grains: In the new LOGI food pyramid, which Harvard University’s medical school has published since 2001, these cereal products lie With pasta and rice as “little recommended ” directly among foods of white flour, potatoes and confectionery at the top.

The recipes according to this method are elaborate and require expensive ingredients, the calorie intake is altogether far too high due to a fat content of almost 50% of the total energy intake.

Montignac Method

The Montignac Method, named after its inventor Montignac, is recommended as permanent nutrition by its proponents. Neither protein, fat nor carbohydrates should be dispensed with in this principle of nutrition. Still, it is recommended to consume only foods that have a low glyx.

In addition, attention should be paid to a balanced combination of carbohydrates with fatty foods, as fat lowers the glyx index as well as fibre. Sugar is seen as the poison par excellence as it causes blood sugar levels to rise, causing high insulin levels. The reduction in blood sugar levels caused by excessive insulin release in turn signals a lack of food for the body, so that it reacts with fat storage. If, on the other hand, the insulin level is low, the ingested food is burned without building up fat.

Strunz Diet

In addition to a dietary change, the internist relies on sufficient exercise and agrees with the usual opinions of physicians and nutritionists.

His diet, which he says is supposed to bring a weight reduction of one kilo a day, is divided into three phases: After a week “vital fatburning ,” in which only proteins and vital substances are allowed, a two-to ten-week interval diet begins. This is followed by a so-called “Forever Young Day” that combines regular pulse-controlled lightweight running training with vital nutritional nutrition and mental training.

The third phase is the permanent change in diet according to a modular system with 120 recipes. For the optimal implementation of his diet, Strunz recommends dietary supplements such as protein or mineral drinks.

Low carb diet worsens blood lipid levels

Low carbohydrate diets as a counter to low-fat diets have been becoming increasingly popular recently. A new study by Swiss and American researchers shows that the low-carb low carbohydrate diet is not an optimal alternative to giving up fat to limit calories.

Researchers at the University Hospital Basel concluded that while low-carbohydrate food makes the pounds disappear quite quickly, the low-carb diet increases blood cholesterol levels. In the vessels, a certain cholesterol can then be deposited and lead to vein calcification. In addition, the very protein-containing food intake means a greater strain on the kidneys, as the body has to break down the multitude of metabolic end products from proteins via the kidneys. Therefore, this type of diet is particularly unsuitable for the heart disease and people with gout or kidney damage.

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