Panalean Review- Can it help you reach your weight loss goals?

What are you afraid of? Tens of little obstacles or one major one? Well, in terms of weight loss plans, it has to be the multiple small obstacles that decrease your motivation every day. While you have to pass the significant challenge and work hard to shed pounds, it’s good to leave small barriers to a product.

Panalean is one such product that counters the minor challenges that we face in our diet program. This includes feeling tired all day as we lose fat, inept workout performance, and flattened metabolism.

Just a push in all these factors can significantly improve motivational levels. Let’s see in this Panalean review how Panalean does its job and if it is the ideal supporting act for your weight loss plan.

What is Panalean?

Panalean is a weight loss supplement from the house of Biologic Wellness. It aids weight loss in the body by boosting metabolism to increase energy. It’s purely a supplement that can increase the effectiveness of exercises and doesn’t work on its own.

Having Panalean pills without proper exercise and diet regulation would render the tablet useless. Panalean contains natural energy, supplying ingredients that help the body process nutrients quicker too.

The supplement consists mainly of natural herbs and antioxidants. It doesn’t contain abrasive or reactive ingredients. Moreover, it is not recommended for medicinal use or in case of any medical condition.

Chinese herbs included in the supplement have an excellent reputation for supporting weight loss. The dietary supplement can help make your workouts more efficient and show results quickly.

Unlike other such dietary supplements, Panalean is available in various eCommerce websites apart from its original site. Panalean has also proved quite effective in suppressing appetite in people starting to work towards their fitness goals.

Moreover, it also works towards building up endurance and immunity, as we will discuss later. It’s for both men and women, and adults of any age can benefit from this product. Before indulging further into the working of the supplement in this Panalean review, let’s learn about the manufacturer.

Panalean: Who created it, and Why?

Biogenic Wellness has been helping people quicken their weight loss process through their dietary supplements for long. The company is based in Valley Cottage, New York, and believes in customer satisfaction over profits.

Their primary source of marketing is word-of-mouth, which testifies how satisfied their customers have been. Their unique formula is based on ancient herbs found in Chinese culture.

Their honesty about their product comes as quite a welcome change from supplement companies making fake claims. Biogenic clearly states that the supplement can only work for you if you work your ass harder in the gym.

Panalean Ingredients

Panalean consists of fruit extracts, natural herbs, and antioxidants in measured quantities. Most of the ingredients are proven to aid metabolism and work like a charm in unison. Here are the ingredients of Panalean and their benefits:


A significant source of Vitamin B3, Niacin, is the primary component of Panalean. The water-soluble vitamin is a combination of nicotinamide, riboside, and nicotinic acid. Niacin has medicinal uses and protects from Pellagra disease.

Niacin is effective in combating triglycerides and cholesterol, along with burning fat in the body. It also helps flush out toxins as a natural reaction of the body to Niacin.


A combination drug made by NuLiv Science, InnoSlim, is made up of astragalus extracts and Panax ginseng. The drug has proven weight loss management effects and is a crucial ingredient of Panalean.


Another natural ingredient, Fiit-NS, contains black carrot, guarana, grapefruit, and grape along with green tea. The antioxidants, as well as energy-boosting properties, are well-known. Here are the qualities of these ingredients:

  • Black Carrot- Helps reducing cholesterol in the body and makes processing fats faster.
  • Green Tea- It’s mildly effective in burning fat and improving metabolic rate.
  • Guarana- Guarana joins hands with caffeine to provide instant energy. It makes Panalean a useful pre-workout supplement too.
  • Grape Extract- It’s a treasure of antioxidants that clear skin and boost energy.

How Does Panalean Work?

The protocol of Panalean is unique in terms of the ingredients it uses. Chinese traditional herbs Astralagus and Ginseng make the weight loss process risk-free. Natural ingredients typically don’t carry the risk of side effects as much as the chemical ones.

Panalean pills boost Amp-activated Protein Kinase or AMPK enzymes, which ensures an improved metabolic rate and faster loss of energy. Protein kinase production in the human body slows down with age. This is one of the common reasons for weight gain as you age.

Exercise can surely bring you back in good shape for years to come. But putting in the effort takes a lot of energy out of you. The results are slower than a snail at first. That’s why having a dietary supplement to go with your workouts works wonders.

Panalean boosts metabolism by improving the production of a kinase protein, thus improving workout efficiency. As you can work out harder and in better positions without much fatigue, your body starts to burn fat quickly.

How to Use Panalean? Are there any side-effects?

Panalean pills will effortlessly fit in your daily routine as you just have to take one at least 30 minutes before every large meal. One bottle of Panalean consists of 60 pills that would last 30 days. You have to take two meals a day for the best results.

You shouldn’t overdose and skip it if you missed a pill. Each capsule contains 900mg FIIT-NS and 500mg InnoSlim. Ideally, you should take one capsule in the morning and the other in the evening.

It’s advised to read the instructions properly before consumption. Contact your doctor in case you are already consuming other medicines.

Since Panalean consists of mostly natural ingredients, its side effects are mild. Every dietary supplement can induce side effects as your body is getting accustomed to it. Here are some slight side effects you might face for a short time after Panalean intake:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Gastro effects
  • Nervousness
  • Stomach irritation
  • Diarrhea

Most of these side effects are rare and would show up sporadically if at all. They will usually subside quickly, but if they don’t, stop usage immediately.

Pros of Panalean

  • All-natural ingredients ensure panalean only has mild side effects if at all. Natural herbs and antioxidants ensure maximum efficacy too.
  • Panalean comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee. Buy the product from the official website to claim a refund by shipping it back to the warehouse.
  • Affordable price for a well-rounded supplement that improves general performance.
  • But male and female can consume it.
  • Cures inflammation and ensures proper digestion, which in turn limits calorie intake.

Cons of Panalean

  • It’s sold online only; you cannot find it in stores.
  • Underage people, pregnant women, and those with heart complications should avoid pills. Contact your doctor for advice in case of medical issues and side effects.


Panalean helps bring your weight loss goals to reality in more ways than one. Any of these ways, though, isn’t decisive and won’t result in guaranteed changes. You need to work out super hard and follow a healthy diet to go along with Panalean to achieve real results.

It fixes many minor challenges, like weight loss fatigue and declining metabolism. It’s useful as a part of a more significant holistic diet program. Moreover, the natural ingredients they use in Panalean make sure its side effects are milder than other supplements.

Finally, a 365-day money-back guarantee is available for the buyers. While its price decreases as you buy more bottles, we suggest you buy once and see if it suits you. There’s always the money-back option if it doesn’t.

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