Potato diet – Lose 5 kilos in three days

Potato diet is another diet plan to lose weight quickly. According to its follower, It is possible to lose five kilos in three days with this diet plan. So in this post we will find answers to these questions:

  • How do we apply the potato diet?
  • What are the things to be cared about?

You can get rid of your extra weight in a short time by consuming the things in this diet list. It is also called “five kilos in three days diet”.

A potato diet for 3 days is a classic crash diet that melts a few pounds in no time. When it comes to a diet with potatoes, it works primarily because of the potassium abundant in the potato. This binds the water in the body and thus ensures that unnecessary deposits are combated.

It should be clear, however, that no fat cells are broken down or reduced during a 3-day potato diet. For this, the diet needs to be implemented much longer and should aim for the long-term conversion of the diet.

The crash diet is more suitable for getting rid of a few kilos at short notice for a particular event. With this potato diet plan, it also works quite simply with the implementation.

How It Works

Although potato has a lot of starch in it, it is one of the most important vegetables in diet in terms of having the property of killing edema in body. Potato enables you to lose weight since it gets edema out of body  and cleans bowels. 

Never use salt while performing the potato diet. Moreover, don’t forget to drink a lot of water during the diet. Wait for at least two months in order to have this diet again. You can have tea, coffee and green tea without sugar during the diet.

Potato Diet List

Potato Diet
Potato Diet

The three-day potato diet, as the name suggests, should mainly rely on the consumption of potatoes. Around 1,000g of these meals should be eaten each day, preferably split between 3 meals. In addition to potatoes, other foods such as vegetables and fruit, fish and lean meat may also be integrated into the menu.

However, it is important that the potatoes are prepared without or with little fat and salt if possible. Friction cakes, farmer’s breakfasts and other high-fat dishes from the pan are not on the agenda.

Those who don’t like potatoes in the morning can also resort to 1-2 slices of wholemeal bread with lean cream cheese and raw food, or to a bowl of wholegrain oatmeal with unsweetened almond – or soy milk. However, all other meals (and, if possible, breakfast) should be designed on the basis of potatoes.

Day 1

Breakfast:On the first day we are going to have one boiled potato and a glass of yogurt for the first breakfast of our diet. 

Lunch: We have two boiled potatoes and a glass of yogurt for lunch. We never add salt to potatoes.

Dinner: We have only two glasses of yoghurt for dinner.

Day 2

Breakfast: We overcame the first day of our diet. Of course we had some difficulties on the first day but we have to be patient. We have a glass of yogurt for the breakfast on the second day.

Lunch:We have two boiled potatoes and a glass of yogurt for lunch.

Dinner: We end the day with one boiled potato and a glass of yoghurt

Day 3

This is the last day of our diet.

Breakfast:We have only one boiled potato for the breakfast.

Lunch: We have one boiled potato and a glass of yogurt for the lunch.

Dinner: We complete this forceful diet with the dinner by having a glass of yogurt.

The people having the potato diet say that they lose 3 to 5 kilos depending on their metabolic rates at the end of the potato diet. You can also share your experiences about the diet with us.

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