Pro Ana Diet: Why This Diet Can Be Deadly

The pro ana diet is a form of nutrition in which the calories are extremely strongly reduced.

The problem with the Ana diet is already in the terminology: The word Pro Ana stands for Pro Anorexia nervosa. Behind this is a disease that is not to be trifled with.

If the underage daughter speaks of a pro ana diet, her parents should sound the alarm bells: This is not the latest fashion diet from the magazines, but a dangerous anorexia. With so-called pro ana diets, the eating disorder is no longer far away.

Pro-Ana stands for Pro Anorexia

The term pro ana is short for “pro anorexia”, in other words: pro anorexia. Most pro anorexia sufferers are young girls who are already suffering from an eating disorder or who are well on their way to becoming one. But instead of taking their anorexia seriously as a disease, they celebrate anorexia as a body cult and give each other tips on how to avoid calories. An ideal pro ana diet therefore means that virtually no calories are consumed.

A Pro Ana diet, which aims to provide the body with as few calories as possible, naturally causes corresponding physical damage. After all, the body no longer receives sufficient energy and nutrients. In many cases, a pro ana diet also includes tips on how to conceal one’s eating disorder from parents and friends, for example by simulating eating together. Analogous to the Pro Ana diet and the Pro Ana movement, there is the Pro Mia movement, which in turn idealizes bulimia.

If parents discover that their daughter is talking about a pro ana diet or is generally concerned with the subject of pro ana, it makes sense to talk to her first. Many girls are not even aware of what is behind these pages with well-intentioned diet tips and forum discussions. In the event that an eating disorder is already present, medical and psychological help should of course be sought. Pro Ana websites should be avoided: To want to offer help under the cloak, promote only the image of anorexia as something harmless.

This diet is a very pronounced form of radical diets and forces the body to lose weight. Some people combine this diet with the rice diet.

If you are really overweight, you need a healthy and natural diet.

Before a diet I recommend you check your BMI. A BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is healthy and stands for a normal weight, everything under it is harmful.

If you have a BMI below 18.5 then you should not diet but consider how you can gain weight!

“ATTENTION: The Ana diet is dangerous and there is not much missing until anorexia and bulimia!

Many women have a completely wrong body image and so the diet becomes an addiction!

You will probably go into hunger and fat storage mode if you don’t eat the right food.

In other words, the Ana diet destroys your metabolism and you will gain weight later when you return to a normal diet. So try to lose weight in a healthy way!

Again the hint: You only have to lose weight if your BMI is above 24.9! If your BMI is below 18.5 I advise you to build up and gain muscle mass!

Download your fat burning recipes for free. There you will find a lot of meals which boost your metabolism and increase your nutritional success!

If you have a BMI below 18.5 and would still like to go on a pro ana diet or lose weight, then I ask you to seek professional psychological help!

Hunger in the Ana diet is an alarm signal
Since you can’t really eat much at Pro Ana, you will get very hungry, especially at the beginning.

But hunger is an alarm signal of the body, it feels energy- & powerless and longs for nutrients!

If you don’t give him the nutrients and just starve yourself down, you won’t lose weight effectively, you’ll get sick, so the Ana diet doesn’t make much sense!

I strongly recommend that you lose weight in a healthy way in case you are overweight (BMI over 24.9).

In the Ana diet you will always have to deal with cravings and they can make your life hell. So the Pro Ana diet has many negative effects on your quality of life!

Whenever you are hungry, you should eat something. Don’t try to suppress hunger and reduce your calories too much!

Here is a good alternative to the Ana diet:

  • Eat regularly and healthy!
  • Drink daily about 35-40 ml per kg body weight.
  • Avoid starvation! Hunger lets your metabolism fall asleep!
  • Check your BMI before a diet and consult a doctor!
  • Eat enough protein, fiber, carbohydrates, fats & micronutrients!

How does the Ana diet work?

In the Ana Diet methods are used which can harm the body.

Most users drink a lot of water and eat very little or nothing! This can lead to death!

I can only advise against it!

“If you follow the Ana diet, it is much more likely that your body will be on an emergency program for a while and your metabolism will not start again until you eat normally. (! Jojo effect !)”

Your organism is purified by the large amounts of water, but of course you also lose valuable minerals.

Important Info
What you notice: The extremely small amount of salt (almost none at all) damages your body, but it is quite vital!

I therefore consider the Ana diet to be a very dangerous form of diet!

With a radical diet you won’t gain anything, apart from the fast weight loss at the beginning, which is not of long duration!

In the end, you’ll still get your kilos back as soon as you eat normally again!

If you can’t or don’t want to eat normally anymore, I recommend professional help, because starvation can even lead to death!

In any case, a psychological component also plays a role for many users in forums and on Pro Ana blogs!

Ana Diet Plan

What does an Ana diet plan look like?

In the Ana diet very little is eaten in principle. Especially beverages containing sugar with more than 3 Kcal per 100 ml are taboo.

“I strongly advise against following this principle.”

In the Community and in the net exist different opinions and plans to the Diet. Many plans you can find in forums are very one-sided and cause deficiency symptoms!

Advantages and disadvantages

I think the short-term successes can be very tempting, but the disadvantages destroy everything.

Here are the biggest advantages:


The disadvantages:

After a few weeks there is an increased feeling of weakness. You feel weak & tired. Jojo effect. Nutrient deficiency during permanent use. Loss of muscle and strength as well as sinking basal metabolic rate.

It is a fact that the amino acid stores in the body are depleted during prolonged use and your body begins to metabolize muscles.

Important Info

More muscles provide for a higher metabolism as they increase the basal metabolic rate. If you eat too little over a longer period of time, your basal metabolic rate will decrease and your metabolism will fall asleep.

The Ana diet can lead to your body being in fat storage mode instead of weight loss mode after a longer period of time.

“You will have it therefore after the execution in the future only more heavily to continue to lose weight, to become full thereby and to be able to hold the weight then also!

A good figure can also be achieved with women by tightening their muscles. The Ana method can therefore ensure that you simply look like a rickety frame at the end and no longer have beautiful proportions!

Side effects of the Ana diet

Due to the extremely negative calorie balance, your body not only loses a lot of fat, but also water and muscle mass. FATAL!

If you burn muscles, it always has a negative effect on your metabolism and increases the jojo effect.

It is estimated that this diet burns about 60% muscles and 40% fat and therefore the Ana diet is completely pointless for motivated people who want to lose weight and that is DURATION.

Here is a small list of the side effects that can occur:

  • Growth disorders
  • hair loss
  • muscle weakness
  • marasmus
  • fatty liver
  • Kwashiorkor
  • death

Conclusion on the Ana Diet

The Right Way Is Not The Ana Diet

The Ana diet is not suitable for healthy weight loss. It only brings more frustration and anger, because the lost muscle mass makes a person look more and more unattractive.

Also women need muscle tissue to have a female & beautiful form. Only skin and bones look very unnatural and unhealthy!

Unfortunately, many women have a false image of their body and torture themselves to achieve an ideal that is no longer beautiful to look at.

The most important thing you can take out of this article:

You should definitely take Sufficient FOOD so that your success in losing weight will last!

If you want to follow the Ana diet although your BMI is healthy but you feel fat, I recommend you seek psychological help!


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