Soups to lose weight

Soups are becoming increasingly popular not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. In the lunch break you go to the soup bar today, where you can choose between the most diverse types of soup. However, a visit to the soup bar is worthwhile not only for the health conscious, but also for those who are currently dieting. Because some soups are great for losing weight. For this reason, soup diets are increasingly being carried out today. Such soup diets lure with high weight losses, but also have some drawbacks.

Soup diet: Vegetable soups are well suited

As the name “soup diet ” already reveals, the diet during the diet consists mainly of different types of soup. Vegetable soups are especially recommended for losing weight, as they contain only a few calories. Soups with greasy ingredients such as dumplings or cream, on the other hand, should be avoided, as the soup is otherwise not suitable for losing weight.

As a rule of thumb, the soup should have no more than 100 to 150 calories in total. In addition to vegetable soups, fruit, vegetables and various protein-containing foods such as fish, lean meat, eggs or dairy products may also be consumed, depending on the soup diet plan.

As a rule, a soup diet should be performed over a maximum period of seven days. In order to detoxify the body in between, individual temporary days can also be inserted throughout the year.

Cabbage soup diet as “silver bullet “?

During a soup diet, cabbage soups are particularly often used. They are repeatedly touted as a ‘ silver bullet ‘ as they are said to boost fat burning. This is said to be able to lose up to five kilograms of weight within just a week through a cabbage soup diet.

However, this weight loss is not due to increased fat burning, but to other factors. For example, a cabbage soup is extremely low in calories. In addition, very few minerals and proteins are absorbed during the cabbage soup diet, so that the diet is quite one-sided. Therefore, just as with the focus of the focus on other vegetable soups, additional supplementary foods should also be consumed in the cabbage soup diet.

Finally, it can be noted that the cabbage soup diet is not suitable for a longer-term diet. However, if you want to lose some weight quickly, you can eat a few days of cabbage soup. However, since this form of diet does not change the diet, a yo-yo effect can be expected after the end of the diet.

Benefits of losing weight with soups

More generally, the advantage of a soup diet is that vegetable soups contain only a few calories and therefore a weight loss can be recorded after just a few days. In addition, the body is supplied with many vitamins and minerals by the vegetables in the soups.

Since many basic minerals are contained in vegetables, the soup diet also purifies the body and restores a possibly disturbed acid-base balance. Therefore, it is especially recommended to use the soup diet to detoxify the body. Weight loss, on the other hand, should not be paramount.

Disadvantages of a soup diet

Among doctors and nutritionists, soup diets, just like other crash diets, are controversial. Because if soups are used specifically for losing weight, there is no fundamental change in eating behaviour. The weight loss during the soup diet is mainly due to the fact that very few calories are added to the body. In addition, the low absorption of proteins is broken down.

Due to the lack of carbohydrates, the body’s carbohydrate stores also need to be tapped, resulting in a strong drainage of the body. During the soup diet, the body loses not only fat but also water, proteins and carbohydrates. Since these stores are replenished after the end of the soup diet, a Jojo effect must be expected.

Risks and side effects during the soup diet

Due to the low calorie intake during the soup diet, there may be concentration problems, poor performance, headaches and physical fatigue. Those who often resort to cabbage soups for weight during their soup diet also have to expect bloating. People who are sensitive to white cabbage should therefore refrain from cabbage soups.

Also problematic with the soup diet is that the one-sided diet can lead to a nutrient deficiency. During the soup diet, the body is supplied with too little fat and protein. If too little protein is added to the body, this can lead to deficiencies such as hair loss, muscle weakness or lack of drive. If there is hardly any protein available to the body in the long run, this can even be fatal.

Therefore, during a soup diet, it is important to take care to supply the body with protein in addition to the vegetable soups. In particular, protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, tofu or dairy products are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Soup diet plan

A soup diet should usually be performed over a maximum period of seven days. During this time, mainly, but not exclusively, soups should be consumed. When choosing suitable foods, the following soup diet plan can be used for orientation:

  • Day 1: Vegetable soup, fruit (except bananas and honey melons)
  • Day 2: Vegetable soup, raw vegetables (except corn and peas); Evening: Oven potato with skimmed curd
  • Day 3: Vegetable soup, fruit and raw vegetables
  • Day 4: Vegetable soup, three bananas, a glass of skimmed milk and a mug of skimmed yoghurt
  • Day 5: Vegetable soup, 200 grams of poultry or fish, six unpeeled tomatoes
  • Day 6: Vegetable soup, a lean steak, green vegetables and salad without dressing
  • Day 7: Vegetable soup, wholemeal rice, vegetables, a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice

In addition, a lot should be drunk during the soup diet, about three litres of still mineral water per day are recommended. Alcohol, sodas and sweetened fruit juices are prohibited, coffee and black tea should be dispensed with. In order to prevent a lack of protein, milk consumption can be increased if necessary.

Recipe for a cabbage soup

For a delicious and healthy cabbage soup, the following ingredients are needed:

  • 1 head white cabbage
  • 6 onions
  • 2 peppers
  • 1 kilogram carrots
  • 8 peeled tomato-1 rod celery
  • Herbs and spices

Wash, peel and cut the vegetables for the cabbage soup into small pieces. Then cook the vegetables in five litres of water for eight to 10 minutes, then leave to infuse for 20 minutes. Before serving, refine the soup with herbs and spices.

Conclusion on the soup diet

If the soup diet is used once or twice a year as a one-week fasting cure or as a single fasting day, the diet does not harm. However, the detoxification of the body, rather than weight loss, should be in the foreground.

People suffering from pathological obesity as well as metabolic or circulatory diseases should better change their diet permanently instead of a soup diet. On the other hand, it is an urgent discourage to carry out the soup diet for a longer period of time.

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