The 3D Diet – How Does It Work?

The 3D diet is a favourite of many celebrities, especially the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld achieved a solid weight loss of 40 kilos within one year by means of this method of losing weight.

Admittedly, this diet is also very expensive and often outside what ordinary citizens are willing to spend or can spend at all.

Also the purchase of the supplements necessary for this diet can become difficult, if one is not a large Internet buyer, since one gets these exclusively in France. They also import some German dealers, but you rarely find them and have to look for them. That costs time and nerves.

The 3D Diet : → Designer → Doctor → Diet

What is the 3D diet?

What exactly does the 3D diet mean? The “3D” doesn’t stand for a futuristic approach to this means of reducing weight, but for the three cornerstones of a successful diet. Diet:

→ Designer → Doctor → Diet

In short, it is important for the user to use the example of the designer, here Karl Lagerfeld, as a guide, to consult a medical doctor at all times and to diet while doing so.

This sounds easy at first, but becomes more difficult if you consider how restrictive this diet is over a long period of time.

However, it is not only restrictive, but also, as already mentioned in the introduction, very expensive. This discourages many people. The fact that the 3D diet is also badly received by experts and rather laughed at is certainly not contributing to its fame.

In general, this diet does not seem useless, but all in all more than a marketing strategy for dietary supplements.

In particular, the fact that Karl Lagerfeld and his treating physician, who is also a co-developer of named supplements, have published a book that raves about possible successes makes one rather suspicious.

Without wanting to accuse anyone of anything bad, it is likely that this diet concept is more about acquiring income from the sale of supplements than actually encouraging participants to lose weight. After all, you can achieve similar or even better results with much less or no investment.

How it works

How does the 3D diet work?

The 3D diet works in phases. Each phase has different rules to ensure that the participant loses weight over the course of the diet. However, these rules are not for weak souls and require some discipline and self-control:

Phase 1 (duration about three months)

Only protein powder may be consumed Some vegetables such as asparagus, Brussels sprouts and peppers may also be eaten At least one, but not more than three litres of water per day In total, no more than 1000 calories per day may be added

Phase 2 (duration about five months)

Breakfast and dinner are taken in powder form Lunch can consist of fish, various vegetables (steamed only), quark or eggs No more than between 1200 and 1300 calories per day

Phase 3 (duration about four months)

Various low glucose fruit varieties and wholemeal bread are added Possible vitamin deficiencies and the like must be compensated by means of expensive dietary supplements Calories remain the same One easily notices that this diet needs a certain amount of self-control.

But it is also easy to see that the diet concept, except for the expensive supplements, is nothing special and corresponds to many other diet approaches, which cost nothing and require no medical care.

The supplements will certainly not harm the user, but they would probably be completely useless in another diet that relies less on chemically produced supplements.

Duration of the diet

How long does the 3D diet take?

This diet is certainly not for people who want to lose a few kilos in a hurry. Basically, this diet is always designed for at least one year or more. Otherwise the subdivision into phases was of no use.

Of course, you could also compress the 3D diet, but it would lose some of its already questionable benefits.

So you have to reckon with at least one year duration, but potentially more. Karl Lagerfeld himself needed about thirteen months.

weight loss

How much weight can you lose?

You should orientate yourself on the first D of the 3D diet and assume about 40 kilos per year, which makes about three kilos per month. This may not sound like too much, but it is a good average for permanent and healthy weight loss.

Diet plan

A possible daily menu during a 3D diet in the 2nd phase:

Breakfast: Powder with water and some curd cheese

Lunch: Selection of steamed vegetables, served with water and an egg

Dinner: food supplement, mixed powder and some raw vegetables

The plans of the other phases are often similar, you only add or take food.

Risks & Consequences

What are the risks of the 3D diet?

The risks are relatively low due to the dietary supplements. However, if you do not take them as recommended, you may experience deficiencies due to the very low intake of vitamins and nutrients.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Pro: Delivers what it promises Weight loss occurs at appropriate pace Tried and tested

Contra: Very expensive depending on location partly difficult to carry out

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the 3D diet.

How hard is it to keep up?

Maintaining this diet can require a lot of discipline. Therefore rather difficult. It can be difficult to maintain the diet.

What are the risks of a diet?

Amazingly few, as long as you don’t forget to take your supplements. Otherwise there may be symptoms of deficiency.

What are the costs involved?

Depending on how seriously you want to follow this diet, the costs can amount up to 450 Euro per month!

How up-to-date is this diet?

Compared to other diets it is very modern and even trendy.

Do I have to change my entire diet afterwards?

If you want to keep the results, then yes. But it doesn’t have to be the 3D diet. What about the yo-yo effect? If you start eating right after the diet as you did before, you will absolutely negate the effects.

What do the experts say?

Experts usually advise against this diet because it is too expensive for what it promises. Other diets do the same for less money or even for free.

Our conclusion on the diet!

Concluding words about the 3D diet … All in all this diet is not bad. It is only very expensive. So if you have enough money on the high end and want to feel like Karl Lagerfeld, you should try the 3D diet. For everyone else there are better and cheaper alternatives.


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