The Bulletproof Coffee: Recipe, Benefits and Weight Loss

A coffee with oil and butter that can give you lots of energy and help you lose weight. That sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

The fact is that this concept is anything but absurd! Because athletes, executives, entrepreneurs and people like you and me trust in the effect and the advantages of this unique drink every day all over the world.

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the well-known Bulletproof Coffee, its effects and its preparation. You will learn in detail which recipe works best and which mistakes you should avoid.

Without wasting much time, we’ll start with the topic that probably interests you the most. We answer the question which ingredients you need to make a Bulletproof Coffee and which recipe you should use.

What is a Bulletproof Coffee and how is it made?

A Bulletproof Coffee is not just a normal coffee. It is a drink for high performers and all those people who have extra energy and want to lose weight faster. This drink has already helped countless people reach their goals faster.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients, the preparation and the recipe.

Recipe, Ingredients & Preparation

To make a Bulletproof Coffee you need the right ingredients, the right kitchen accessories and the knowledge about the right preparation. You can make a lot of mistakes, so you should follow these step-by-step instructions.

The ingredients

The following ingredients are required for a Bulletproof Coffee:

  • 2,5 tablespoons ground coffee (from whole beans)
  • 200 ml filtered water
  • 1 tsp butter or GHEE
  • 1 tsp coconut oil or MCT oil
  • 1 tbsp Collagen Protein (optional)
  • 0,5 TL cinnamon (optional)

Kitchen appliances

You need the following kitchen supplies to make a bulletproof coffee:

  • An electric or manual coffee grinder
  • An espresso maker
  • A French Press
  • The preparation

Follow the steps below and look forward to your first Bulletproof Coffee:

  • Everything starts with the right beans. Mix 200 to 300 ml of water with 2.5 tablespoons of ground coffee beans (single-source). Use a so-called “French Press” to filter the coffee. Conventional paper filters can filter valuable substances and oils from the coffee.
  • Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of MCT oil or coconut oil. We will look at these oils in more detail in the course of this article. At this point you should only know that this step is sometimes responsible for the energy boost and the improved fat burning.
  • Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of butter (grass-fed and unsalted) or GHEE to the coffee. Yes, you heard right… butter comes in! Butter is healthier and tastier than normal milk. This will be the best coffee you’ll ever drink. Promise!
  • Mix it all for 20 to 30 seconds in a strong mixer. This step is important. For the taste as well as for the effect!

If you have followed all these steps and used the right ingredients, you are now standing in front of an official Bulletproof Coffee. Congratulations!

In the next section we will take a closer look at the benefits this type of coffee has for your body and mind. Stay tuned, it will be exciting!

The effect of Bulletproof Coffees

It looks like there’s a good scientific basis for the fact that coffee with MCT oil and butter can be good for you. Let’s take a closer look at the individual ingredients. Let’s go!

Good fats and nutrients through butter from grass-fed animals

To make a Bulletproof Coffee you need butter from grass-fed animals

Healthy fats can supply your body with clean energy for hours. Butter contains a large number of these high-quality fatty acids and also ensures that your coffee has a convincing taste.

The important thing is the type of butter you use for the Bulletproof Coffee. While butter from industrially bred cows contains few nutrients, the butter from cows that have a lot of free run and enough grass eat many valuable micronutrients and significantly better fatty acids.

Your body needs good fats to produce some essential hormones and for the health of your brain. Good quality butter contains enough omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotenes, fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E and K) as well as CLA and antioxidants.

Pure Energy from MCT Oil

One of the most important ingredients for Bulletproof Coffee is MCT oil. MCT translated means medium chain fatty acids and the fats of this oil can be found among other things in coconut oil. For this reason, you can also replace MCT oil with coconut oil in an emergency.

The high fat content of Bulletproof Coffee makes it easier for your body to enter the beneficial state of ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic condition in which the body uses fat as its primary source of energy instead of sugar.

The so-called caprylic acid (C8) is contained in high-quality MCT oil. Your liver can convert this medium-chain fatty acid directly into ketone bodies and thus transfer your body faster into ketosis. Ingenious!

Perfect start to the morning with coffee and caffeine

Coffee doesn’t just taste good. It contains a variety of valuable nutrients such as B vitamins, potassium and manganese. In addition, many antioxidants can be found in coffee made from high-quality beans.

The caffeine contained in the coffee also improves your attention and alertness, which can give you a perfect start to the new day, especially in the morning.

In addition, there are studies that suggest that coffee and caffeine can improve your training performance and accelerate your metabolism. Two more reasons to start your day with a Bulletproof Coffee!

Also interesting is the answer to the question at what time you should drink your Bulletproof Coffee.

The most important questions about Bulletproof Coffee

Questions we are often asked are whether there is a vegan version of Bulletproof Coffee and how many calories are actually contained in a Bulletproof Coffee. Here are our answers to these two and two other popular questions:

Is Bulletproof Coffee vegan?

The Bulletproof Coffee’s original recipe is vegetarian but not vegan. Now the crucial question: Is there a vegan version of Bulletproof Coffee and how does the change in ingredients affect the effect and benefits of the drink?

Yes, Bulletproof Coffee can be prepared in a vegan version and yes, the effect is largely retained. We recommend that you use butter if possible, but here are our 3 best tips for preparing a vegan Bulletproof Coffee:

  • Use organic, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil. Simply replace the butter part with a high quality coconut oil (C8, C10) and you will achieve almost the same effect. It is important not simply to use any coconut oil, but to pay attention to the labels “cold-pressed” and “extra virgin”.
  • Use coconut butter or coconut fat. You can also replace the butter with coconut butter. This gives the coffee a creamy consistency similar to that of butter. Coconut butter is rich in medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs), fibre and even provides you with an extra portion of protein.
  • Use milk-free “milk”. Sounds funny, but makes sense! Choose an unsweetened form of almond or soy milk. You can also use a little stevia as a natural sweetener or cocoa powder as a flavour.

How many calories does a Bulletproof Coffee have?

An average Bulletproof Coffee (200 to 250 ml) has about 350 calories and 40 grams of fat. That may sound a lot at first, but give me two minutes to explain why you can lose weight and why a daily Bulletproof Coffee is healthy for you and your body.

If you have ever tried a diet that has forced you to limit your daily calorie intake, you know how hard it is. Maybe you kept it up for a few days, but one evening, when your friends ordered a pizza, you let yourself be persuaded and ended your diet without further ado.

In addition, the speed of your metabolism adapts to the low calories during such a diet. This way your body deposits more fat after such a diet and you experience the yo-yo effect first hand.

In the long run, limiting the calories you eat will not help you lose weight. Your biology is far too complicated to be reduced to a simple calorie calculation.

A much better approach is to optimize your metabolism and hormone balance to the point where you turn your body into a fat burning machine and bring it to the point where it uses fat as a primary energy source through a ketogenic diet combined with a daily Bulletproof Coffee.

That’s the ultimate goal, and Bulletproof Coffee helps you achieve that goal, regardless of its calorie count!

Where can I buy Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee consists of several ingredients. These include high quality coffee, MCT oil or coconut oil and butter or GHEE.

The company Bulletproof (its CEO Dave Asprey is the inventor of the Bulletproof coffee) offers all ingredients in its online shop.

Since Bulletproof’s beans are at the upper end of their price range, you can also order other high quality beans. It is important that these beans are free of harmful substances and come from a single cultivation area.

MCT oils and coconut oils are available online or in organic shops. There are some suppliers who produce high-quality oils. In some cases you can also order GHEE directly from these companies.

The last component of Bulletproof Coffee is butter. It is important that it is butter from grass-fed animals. You can get this type of butter in some organic shops, directly from organic farmers or in retail outlets.

Can a Bulletproof Coffee replace a breakfast?

A Bulletproof Coffee is a breakfast – only without the subsequent crash you will have from a normal breakfast (smoothies, muesli, etc.) with lots of carbohydrates. The good fats from the butter, MCT oil and coconut oil provide you with clean and quickly available energy until lunch.

In addition, the combination of coffee, butter and MCT oil balances your hormonal balance. In detail, a Bulletproof Coffee will cause your body to produce less ghrelin, reducing your hunger and appetite.

It makes sense to rethink your eating habits and morning routine and replace them with a Bulletproof Coffee. Here you will find a detailed answer to the question whether it is unhealthy not to have breakfast or whether you should replace a breakfast with a Bulletproof Coffee.

Is the Bulletproof Coffee suitable for slimming?

The honest answer to this question is that even a Bulletproof Coffee cannot help you lose weight when you eat burgers and pizza at lunch and dinner. As always, it’s a mix of factors that lead to the desired goal.

However, this special drink can help you with two things: First, a Bulletproof Coffee as part of a ketogenic diet helps you get into ketosis faster and get over the keto flu faster. On the other hand, it makes it easier for you to avoid breakfast and fast intermittently.

In combination with these two habits, the Bulletproof Coffee is perfectly able to help you lose weight. This is because by limiting or eliminating carbohydrates, you force your body to extract energy from fats.

By supplying your body with high-quality fatty acids through the healthy fats contained in Bulletproof Coffee (MCT oil, coconut oil, butter or GHEE), your liver can produce ketone bodies that will ultimately provide you with clean energy again.

At the same time, your body gets used to the burning of fatty acids, which, combined with targeted intermittent fasting, allows you to break down fat, lose weight and lose weight.

The bottom line

Bulletproof Coffee is an invention of the American biohacker Dave Asprey, who was looking for a simple but effective way to lose weight and provide his body with more energy at the same time.

To make Bulletproof Coffee you need high quality coffee beans, MCT oil and butter or GHEE. All these ingredients are then properly mixed. The drink is ready in just a few minutes!

The caffeine and healthy fats contained in the coffee will start the day with a sustained energy boost that will provide you with sufficient power until lunch. The Bulletproof Coffee also helps you lose weight and is a healthy and energy-rich substitute for a traditional breakfast.

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