The Nordic Diet – How Does It Work?

If you go on holiday in Scandinavia, you will immediately notice one thing: Man, they all look good there! Because no matter whether in Sweden, Norway or Denmark – the women and men in the far north are often not only tall and blond, but also slim.

And the cliché is even provable. Studies show that the average BMI (body mass index) in northern Europe is lower than in central Europe.

No wonder nutrition experts are looking for the reasons for this. What is different? For example, the Scandinavian way of eating: lots of fish, moderate meat, plenty of vegetables, enough good fat and occasionally some rye bread. In short: the so-called Nordic Diet as a recognised form of nutrition. What makes it special? It is low carb by nature, because sugar and white flour products are largely avoided. No starvation, instead you eat plenty of natural, regional and seasonal foods.

The results are scientifically proven.

The Nordic Diet not only makes you slimmer in the long run, it also has other benefits: Scandinavian studies show that the diet lowers blood fat levels, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The study lasted seven years and examined 5024 Finns between 25 and 75 years of age. The results clearly showed that higher compliance with the Nordic diet had a positive effect on body weight and health of the study participants. Thus this nourishing way would be suitable also, in order to decrease consciously thereby.

The most important rules of Nordic Diet

Regional and seasonal: Is as well as better, because regional and seasonal shopping protects the environment, saves money and even makes you fitter. The short transport distances ensure that fruit and vegetables are harvested ripe. They therefore contain the most metabolically active vital substances.

Mainly eat vegetables: Vegetables make you full and are healthy, which is why they make up the largest part of Nordic Diet. But that doesn’t have to be boring at all. It is better to change the varieties lively. Because: The more variety, the more vital substances.

Pay attention to good fats: Our body needs fat to survive. But please only good fat. What can that be? High-quality virgin olive oil, butter from grazing animals and high-fat fish that provides omega-3 fatty acids.

Pay attention to dietary fibres: White flour products and sugar damage the metabolism with their empty carbohydrates and allow fat deposits to grow. The Nordic Diet alternative: fruit, vegetables, wholemeal products. They provide plenty of fibre.

The best foods of the Nordic Diet

Fish: Three portions of salmon, herring or mackerel per week provide protein, omega-3 fatty acids and iodine that is important for the thyroid gland. So don’t be afraid of fatty fish!

Whole grain: Bread and pastries made from wheat are exchanged for baked goods made from rye flour. Researchers found that it makes the body more sensitive to insulin and thus promotes fat loss.

Vegetables: Just eat all the vegetables you want. The plus points: It fills you up for a long time and provides you with low-calorie vitamins and minerals. And how the Scandinavians best use local products such as cabbage and root vegetables.

Berries: Blueberries, cloudberries or cranberries are native to Scandinavia. Good alternatives for us: blueberries, raspberries or blackberries.

Fruit: You can treat yourself to two to three portions of fresh fruit every day without hesitation. Low-sugar varieties like green apples are a good choice. Sugar-rich varieties like grapes or bananas are a good dessert.


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