The Scandi Sense Diet – Does It Really Work?

If you can’t decide between hundreds of dietary types when you want to shape your diet or get rid of excess weight, you can listen to Suzi Wengel, The author of The Scandi Sense Diet book.

Suzi Wengel, has lost about 40 pounds in 10 months by following the principles in her book. She says that you can get a healthy life with Scandi Sense diet.

The world’s easiest diet

The Scandi Sense diet, which claims to help you lose 40 pounds, consists of a very simple diet that everyone can apply. One of the most beautiful things about this diet is that you will not deprive yourself of what you love to get a healthy body.

Count Palms instead of Calories

Suzi Wengel, in this diet, saves you from making a calorie account. It pays attention to the amount of food you eat instead of trying to count calories. But don’t worry, you don’t have to weigh the food you eat during the Scandi Sense diet. You can complete your meals by palm-tarting your food.

Count Palms instead of Calories

The most important rule: three meals per day, total four palms of foods

The most important rule of the diet is that you will consume a total of four handful of nutrients in the three meals you eat daily. You can complete your meal with a handful of proteins, two handful of vegetables (if you wish a handful of vegetable salads), a handful of carbohydrates and one to three teaspoons of oil.

Protein selection Important

During the Scandi Sense diet, you can use your protein preference for eggs, fish, chicken, cheese, red meat, lentils or quinoic. But the most important rule here is to avoid meat processed while taking protein. If you have a habit of exercising, you can consume the protein three meals a day. If you’re not sporting, you can get two meals of protein.


The Scandi Sense Diet consists of a fourth handful of carbohydrates in their meals. If you think about carbohydrates, you’re wrong. Because a slice of bread or a handful of fruit is also included in the carbohydrate group. Now it’s up to you to choose. If the pasta is cooked at home that day and you do not want to deprive yourself of this flavor, there is no harm in eating it properly.

Liquid consumption Important

When applying the Scandi Sense diet, you must drink up to 2.5 liters of water per day. You can consume tea, coffee and simple natural mineral water without sugar, except for water consumption. Keep in mind that you should stay away from carbonated and sugary beverages.

Pamper Yourself

If your life is freezing when you are applying the Scandi Sense diet, or if the pack of chips that is standing in front of you provals you, you can eat it. However, you need to count these products instead of one meal. After eating four handful of food, you have no chance of eating a bag of chips!


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