The Shepherd’s Diet – Diet from the Bible

Shepherd diet? This weight loss concept may sound outdated at first, but it follows a number of approaches that can be decisive for weight loss, especially in this day and age.

When you think of the word diet, you may first think of hunger and counting calories. To lose a few kilos, however, you don’t have to be obsessive about the food portions.

In the USA, many people who want to lose weight are currently following Shepherd’s Diet. What sounds old-fashioned at first, however, is a diet trend with which you can actually achieve long-term success.

Shepherd’s Diet is Bible Based

Shepherd’s Diet: For a Healthier Lifestyle

The concept was invented by personal trainer Kristina Wilds. Her guide includes a shopping plan, a weight protocol, guidelines to boost metabolism and burn fat, and stress reduction measures.

The diet does not aim to lose as much weight as possible in a short period of time, but is rather a comprehensive approach to a conscious change of lifestyle.

As the name suggests, this principle is indeed based on the Bible. What may at first sound absurd is indeed true – the Bible contains some useful dietary approaches.

Gluttony and laziness are considered mortal sins. Means: If you eat more and more after the onset of your feeling of satiety, and also move too little, you gain weight.

In her book, Wilds describes how you can overcome this mental “sin” and live a healthier lifestyle.

Working with the Body

The approaches of Shepherd’s Diet are already found in other diets. It is a mixture of the Paleo– and the Mediterranean diet, which together with the right mindset promises success.

In addition to information about food, you’ll also get tips on how to work with your body instead of fighting it with hunger and frustration. Among other things, this should avoid eating attacks.

In general, the diet does not aim to make you go hungry. The weighting of food is changed, for example carbohydrates are replaced by healthy fats.

There are many healthy foods that you can eat as part of the Sheperd’s diet. These include fats from vegetable oils and avocados, vegetables, vegetable protein sources, unprocessed whole grains, herbs and organic meat and dairy products.

On the banned list, however, are predominantly unhealthy ingredients such as pork, sausage, pastries, soft drinks, sweets, white bread and white pasta, fried meat and seafood.

Shepherd’s Diet: Reduce Stress to Lose Weight

According to Wilds, with this diet plan you can lose up to 40 kilos in a healthy way in the long run without permanently counting calories.

In everyday life, many diets fail because you quickly lose sight of your goal. The Shepherd’s Diet wants to prevent this by overcoming your inner pig by changing your life.

Especially for those who have quickly regained weight after a yo-yo diet, this comprehensive principle could be a good solution. Because many women often have a problem losing weight because they have too high a cortisol level between work, family and free time due to the stress that makes losing weight difficult – this is exactly where Shepherd’s Diet comes in.


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