The Vegan Diet – Basic Principles, Pros and Cons

The Vegan Diet does not include any animal products. Some people feed exclusively on products without animal origin, because they want to protest against the applicable animal rights.

Other humans however nourish themselves vegan, because they would like to live healthy and get slimmer or they just want to remain fit. However, many people are concerned about both reasons.

The Vegane Diet is very popular and trendy these days and It is considered as the increase form of the vegetarianism. But Is the vegane diet healthy? Which risks are there? What are the advantages and disadvantages? In the following we deal with all important information approximately around the Vegane Diet.

Vegan Diet is a plant-based diet

How does The Vegane Diet work?

It may sound relatively simple: we do not eat any food that comes from an animal. These are: All dairy products, eggs, meat, fish, cheese, honey, yoghurt, quark, cream and gelatine. What may at first seem quite easy to implement, quickly becomes a challenge when cooking.

Dishes such as casseroles, cakes and pastries seem to be completely omitted at first. Even the milk in coffee in the morning has to be replaced by almond or soy products. Anything can be done, but it’s expensive.

That’s exactly what the vegan diet is all about: it takes a lot of time to find a substitute for cheese or butter, and many people tend to simply eliminate these products completely from their diet. And that saves you a lot of calories!

Time & Duration

How long does the vegan diet last?

The vegane Di?t is often used as long-term nourishing conversion Theoretically everyone, who it goes well with it, could live a life long vegan. Who would like to execute the life-style only as Di?t and eat then again ?usually?, should allow itself at least 4 to 6 weeks food conversion. Naturally always under the condition that body and spirit are doing well.

Vegane Diet and Weight loss

This is what the vegan diet is all about – how much do you lose?

The vegan diet is a radical change in diet, which is immediately noticeable on the scales. Who really consistently vegan nourishes itself, per week 1 to 2 kg can lose. Of course, this always depends on the initial weight and on how the person has eaten before.

And unfortunately you have to be consistent anyway: Because fatteners such as dark chocolate or nuts are completely vegan and could theoretically be eaten in large quantities. This should generally be avoided in a diet.

But otherwise: Eat until you are full! Vegetables and fruit may and should be enjoyed during the Di?t in masses and who discovered only once its preference for raw food, will also soon without noticeable restrictions the vegane Diet have internalized.

Vegane Diet plan

Everything that is derived from an animal or animal products are needed for its production is renounced. In principle, no meat, no fish and no dairy products. Eggs are also taboo! Otherwise, you may eat as much as the hunger demands.

Noodles are also available without eggs and meatballs are also available as soy and vegetable varieties, fried in sunflower oil. The diet plan requires creativity from the participants. If you like cooking, you can try something new every day. There are recipes in the Internet in all abundance.

Risks of the Vegane Diet

The vegan diet is not everyone’s cup of tea. Because simply so in a restaurant eat going and a Schnitzel with Pommes order is no longer possible. Vegan is neither the Schnitzel nor the sauce, which is usually manufactured from animal products. The French fries are only vegan if they are not fried in butterfat. In the worst case it means that with each consumption it must be asked first whether also really everything is vegan.

In practice, this means that you have to live with many restrictions and this can have a negative impact on your quality of life. Other humans however feel already after few days with the veganendi?t pudelwohl and like again born.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Below you will find an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the diet.

One advantage is certainly that most people lose weight quickly because their diet changes for the better. Too much fat is now a thing of the past.

It is often perceived as a disadvantage that the restrictions are massive and are often perceived as an extreme renunciation.

Questions & Answers

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the vegan diet.

How difficult is this diet to maintain?

Depending on your previous diet, it can be difficult to stay on. There is a danger that the diet will be interrupted without noticing. If you change from one day to the next, you really have to think carefully before every meal whether the dish is really completely vegan. In the beginning it is not so easy.

Which complaints can emerge among other things?

With the veganen Di?t can actually deficiency symptoms occur. At the beginning it is therefore advisable to discuss the diet project with your family doctor and have the blood values checked after a few weeks.

But even if a deficiency of vitamin B12, iron or calcium is found, it can be actively corrected by dietary supplements.

Nevertheless, a certain caution applies to the vegan diet, because it is radical and not all people tolerate this change equally well. Medical support should be provided during the first few weeks.

What costs can one expect?

Whoever buys substitute products (e.g. almond milk or vegan cheese) must expect increased costs in everyday life. The products are not to be found in the supermarket frequently and because Veganer are dependent on it, comparatively more expensively. In addition the consumption of fruit and vegetables will skyrocket. That is naturally more expensive than

Our conclusion on the diet!

To live Vegan is possible. Who would like to test it first of all, obtains with the vegane Diet certainly successes, which can be seen. Whether the vegane nourishing way can be held out however really durably, each must decide for itself. In each case results are visible already after few days on the balance. In combination with something sport, the own body will look already soon substantially better.


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