The Venus Factor Review: Losing Weight Made Easier

It’s a cliche, but we all agree that losing weight is much tougher than gaining it. Even the hardest workers out there know the disappointment when your weight loss progress hits a roadblock. It’s even more frustrating if the reason behind your weight gain is pregnancy.

Post-pregnancy times can be tough, and increased belly fat can be a severe blow to your confidence. You wish there was something you could do to get back your old physique. If you seriously do have the motivation to get rid of the disgusting body fat, we have a natural way to do that.

Check out the Venus Factor weight loss program that is creating success stories by the minute. It adopts a natural and focused program that helps lose weight through a regulated diet and simple home-based workouts.

The key concept behind the plan is to encourage metabolism in women by reducing Leptin resistance. So what is this about? How does the program work? Is it suitable for you? You’ll get to know why you need to adopt this effective weight loss program in this Venus Factor review.

What is the Venus Factor?

Venus Factor is a one-of-a-kind weight loss program exclusively designed for women. It’s a 12-week program that doesn’t involve any heavyweight gym exercise. Instead, it focuses on a controlled diet with simple exercises you can do at home.

The program focuses on rebalancing body hormones in women that control weight and metabolism. Venus Factor System works upon the female hormone Leptin, which is responsible for burning fat. It concentrates exclusively on women’s physiological characteristics.

The Venus Factor System is divided into two parts- The Venus Factor Diet and the home-based exercises. The Venus Factor index decides whether you need to gain weight or lose it to reach the ideal ratio.

The diet considers physiological factors like height, age, body type, weight, fitness levels, etc. It creates a customized diet plan based on every woman’s specific needs. The diet plan lists the number of calories, types of food, and quantity you need to intake in each meal.

The program is particularly useful for women who have gained a lot of weight post-pregnancy. Buyers also get the membership of the Venus Factor community. It’s a motivational community where people share their struggles and fat loss stories. Before going into the program’s details, let’s understand a bit about the owner’s journey.

Venus Factor: Who Created it and Why?

This Venus Factor review will look incomplete without its founder’s credentials. John Barban, the founder of the Venus Factor program, is a certified nutritionist, having expertise in sports and weight loss supplements and diet.

He has got training certifications from NSCA, ACE as well as CSCS. Having graduated from the University of Florida in Exercise Physiology, he also worked as a professor at the university.

He has been working in the supplement development industry for the past eight years and has gained valuable experience. He has worked with renowned brands like MuscleTech, BlueStar Nutraceuticals, Slimquick, and more.

John discovered a unique strategy called Metabolic Override. With this strategy, he managed to increase a female’s sensitivity towards the Leptin hormone. Surprisingly, the method doesn’t involve fasting or draconian starving, which can first drop Leptin levels in women.

You’ll get first-hand experience of his expertise with the personal training sessions complementary with the program.

How does the Venus Factor System work?

The primary component that regulates the weight in women’s bodies is a hormone called Leptin. A woman’s body’s resistance to Leptin determines whether she’s underweight or obese. Leptin regulates the complete metabolic system, including appetite, energy loss, and the amount of fat stored in the body.

People with a higher metabolic rate burn fat tend to be more active and burn fat faster. The Venus Factor system regulates Leptin levels in a woman’s body, which keeps the metabolic rate steady. It does that through a regulated diet that reduces Leptin resistance in women.

Venus Factor Diet and Exercise

The Leptin hormone controls a woman’s feeling of fullness and appetite. The fat cells of women’s bodies create more Leptin than men. Typically bodies of obese women cease to recognize Leptin and feel hungry even on a full stomach. Leptin resistance thus encourages a sedentary lifestyle and overeating.

Now that you understand how crucial a particular hormone is, it’s easy to understand the Venus Factor diet plan. Here are five key rules of diet plan:

  • Eat three meals per day with a gap of 5 to 6 hours.
  • Don’t eat anything at least three hours before bedtime. Preferably, finish your dinner at 7.
  • Stop eating just before your stomach gets full.
  • Have a diet rich in protein
  • Minimize carbohydrate intake to encourage fat burning(much like a keto diet)

Having a diet full of fiber and protein is a significant part of the diet plan. It helps eliminate excess fat from the body quickly. The diet also includes limiting sugar intake and drinking plenty of water for better nutrient absorption.

Apart from a regulated diet, the Venus Factor program includes resistance training programs. The workout schedule consists of body weight and home-based exercises that fit everyone’s lifestyle. Working out for more than an hour a day also keeps you feeling more active and increases metabolism.

The mid-day and midnight snacks typically add up to 55% of the fat intake on an average person’s day. Following the Venus Factor diet and workout eliminates those harmful cravings. It encourages gradual yet sustained fat burning and prevents weight loss plateaus from occurring.

Venus Factor Program: What it Offers You

The good part about the program is it’s available in a PDF ebook version. A 12-week workout DVD accompanies the package. You can also interact with a virtual nutritionist that will help clear your doubts.

Venus Virtual Nutritionist Software app

The user-friendly Venus Virtual Nutritionist Software app also helps keep track of your daily activities, like step count and calorie intake. It helps compare your achievements and statistics with the ideal ones.

Main Manual

Here you will get all you want to know about the Venus Index Ratio to calculate your goals. You just have to put in your physical characteristics like height, weight, waist, and such. The Index will then tell you what your ideal weight loss goals should be.

Workout Manual

This is the 12-week workout manual. It lists detailed step-by-step instructions along with links to simple, home-based workouts.

Venus Factor Community

You’ll get a VIP membership to Venus Factor forums where you can interact with like-minded individuals. It’s a healthy community where people gain motivation by getting to know each other’s weight loss stories.

Advantages of the Venus Factor Program

  • It has a scientifically proven approach towards weight loss. It balances the calorie intake by reducing it at first and then gradually increasing it.
  • It doesn’t involve fasting or starvation. The program instead vouches against it.
  • All workouts are available in videos so you can master the right posture.
  • It doesn’t focus solely on losing weight but being healthy and fit. They are not selling you any magic potion but teaching you a sustainable way to stay fit.
  • Get access to personal training by a certified expert.
  • Track your progress and compare it with the realistic goals you want to reach using the app.
  • Easy home-based workouts without any expensive types of equipment.
  • Quick sample meal recipes included. You don’t need to worry about preparing each meal according to the diet plan.
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Disadvantages of the Venus Factor program

  • The plan is exclusive for women, so there’s nothing for men out there.
  • Working hard is a pre-requisite, so this isn’t the answer if you’re searching for a magic weight-loss potion.


Venus Factor is a comprehensive weight-loss program that promotes a sustainable healthy lifestyle. It focuses on countering the Leptin resistance, which is scientifically proven to increase weight in women. It doesn’t involve any hardcore fasting or heavyweight exercises, and pretty much anyone can follow it.

Moreover, the 60-day money-back guarantee makes it too good an option not to try for women tired dieting without any real results. It provides customized workout schedules and diet plans to suit your body type. If you are willing to work hard and regulate your diet, this diet plan will surely make you leaner in a natural way.

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