Tomato Diet: A Quick Way To Lose Weight!

Mono diets are very popular these days! After the egg and pear diets, the tomato diet now follows. The claim: Lose 3 kilos in 4 days!

Those who feed only on tomatoes for a few days should be able to lose up to three kilos in a short period of time. But how does the tomato diet work and how does the small, red vegetable manage to make us lose weight so quickly?

How do tomatoes help us lose weight?

  • 100 grams of tomatoes have almost 18 calories.
  • Tomatoes are more than 90 per cent water and are very filling.
  • They keep blood sugar levels stable, so there are no hot hunger attacks.
  • Tomatoes contain plenty of potassium, which in turn detoxifies the body and prevents water retention.
  • The vegetable helps against cellulite. How? The containing plant substance lycopene prevents the breakdown of collagen.
  • Tomatoes contain many antioxidants. They trap the free radicals in the body and prevent cell damage.

Benefits and nutritional value of tomatoes

How does the tomato diet work?

So tomatoes help us lose weight. But if you really want to lose up to three kilos in 4 days, you can only eat tomatoes during this period. Tomato juice or a delicious tomato soup are then on the menu from early to late.

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But like all mono diets, this is not particularly healthy on the one hand and difficult to maintain on the other. In addition, they usually result in a yoyo effect. In other words, you lose weight quickly, but as soon as you eat normally again, you will quickly be back at your starting weight. So we can only advise against the radical tomato diet.

3-Day Tomato Diet Plan

Sample menu for tomato diet:

At least 1.5-2 hours before Breakfast:

1 cup of tomato juice to be consumed by adding dried mint.

Breakfast is flexible:

2 medium-sized tomatoes and 1 green chilli cold salad.


1 bowl of 2-3 leaf lettuce, 1 green pepper and tomato salad.


1 cup of Dried mint tomato juice.


1 bowl of 2-3 leaf lettuce, 1 green pepper and tomato salad.


1 cup tomato juice with Dried mint added

IMPORTANT: People with allergies to tomato and stomach problems should not apply this diet.

Is there an alternative to the tomato diet?

Instead of eating tomatoes in any form from morning to night, the healthier alternative tomatoes are to be incorporated into his daily meal plan. What can that look like in practice? For example, in the morning an omelette with fresh tomatoes, at lunchtime a tomato soup and in the evening a couscous salad with tomatoes. Nevertheless, two to three kilos are supposed to purple within a week.

But if you want to lose weight permanently healthily, then you should rather change your diet in the long term and incorporate the tomatoes into it. A healthy alternative, for example, is the Mediterranean diet. It is similarly low in calories and fat and tomatoes are on the menu. And not only is it much more delicious, but it is also healthier in the long run.


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