Underground Fat Loss Manual Review: A Controversial 28-Day Diet Cheat Code

Everyone suffers from a time crunch these days. Even if we want to, we fail to invest time into a healthy lifestyle, with wholesome food habits and rigorous exercise. So, whenever we come across a shortcut to a fab bod, we pounce upon it. One such shortcut is the Underground Fat Loss Manual, an Ebook that promises to guide you along a fat loss journey – with a controversial twist!

Written by Matt Marshall, the book offers a 28-day program to achieve unbelievable fat loss – quickly. So, what’s the controversy? The guide is based on a single person’s experiences. It also challenges some old notions regarding traditional fat loss methods. Plus, since it gives a short time for a big target, people worry about the effects. But, there’s no denying that it’s effective.

If you’re intrigued, check out our Underground Fat Loss Manual review.

What is Underground Fat Loss Manual Review?

The Underground Fat Loss Manual is an Ebook that offers a concise guide to achieve enormous fat loss and shape up your body, within just 28 days. It further guides you to maintain your body and continue to be fit and fabulous. People across the world have received amazing results by choosing to show themselves some tough love with the help of this manual! 

The book has been written by Matt Marshall. He comes from a place of personal experience of transforming from an underconfident, overweight person to a fitness trainer with a ripped body! He didn’t stop there. Facts are all that he believes in and offers. He has researched and questioned the established and accepted ideas about diet and fat loss.

Matt’s methods take a step away from the commonly followed slow-and-steady weight loss methods. In fact, it is often considered too extreme. However, it is through extreme measures that this method has helped a large number of people achieve the body they have dreamed of, in a short time. It is a cheat code to become fitter and thinner, without wasting any time.

So, is it a shortcut? Well, you can say that. But, it’s not like the other shortcuts that people often follow, as they spend hours in the gym, choose some harmful magic pills, or starve themselves. The Underground Fat Loss Manual, in fact, is quite the opposite of such quick programs. It’s a digital boot camp that offers a clean diet, complemented by moderate exercise.

Features of the Underground Fat Loss Manual Program

The Underground Fat loss Manual comes with a no-nonsense guide, including steps that help you lose fat and get ripped. Designed for both men and women, this program can be purchased online only, and you have to download the program to get started. It tells you what to eat, teaches you how to deal with obstacles, and gives you helpful tips.  

The guide is divided into 21 chapters, which helps you understand your own body and set your goals. It also gives you an insight into reducing to less than 10% body fat, understanding how exactly this diet works, and offering a cheat code to get lean. The guide even concentrates on keeping you motivated, while taking you, step by step, through 28 days of dietary changes.

It recommends workouts that don’t need you to spend hours at the gym. The 10-3-X program includes exercise routines to put you on a journey towards sustainable weight management while toning the body. There’s the hormone fix of 60 seconds to help you remedy your hormonal problems, which is particularly helpful for women. Don’t miss the part about developing fab abs at any age!

The Controversies

The Underground Fat Loss Manual deals with the common misunderstandings and debunks myths in people’s minds about health and wellness, citing scientific studies. Obviously, it has received flack from the other players in the weight loss industry, who have founded their empires on such misinformation. Some of the significant points that he raises are:

  1. Consumption of carbohydrates in moderate amounts can be good.
  2. High-protein diets can actually lead to weight gain.
  3. Slow fat loss can hamper the hormone levels.
  4. Small deficits of calorie intake can slow down the metabolism rate.
  5. Salicylate in Aspirin can regulate metabolism.  
  6. Only rigorous gymming cannot be beneficial.
  7. Alcohol can be used to accelerate fat-burning.

The controversies around the book’s extreme measures and the prohibition on it can be assumed to be the conspiracy of corporate companies that make money by selling diet pills, detox guides, gym memberships, and medicines at exorbitant prices. This book, after all, shows ways that only require clean eating and moderate workouts. 

Underground Fat Loss Manual Review: Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Underground Fat Loss Manual.


  1. Simple language and easy instructions and tips.
  2. An online program that doesn’t depend on your location or closeness to the gym.
  3. Easy to follow just from home and at your convenience.
  4. A reliable program, based on scientific studies and the experiences of a person who has actually tried it.
  5. A gradual method to fast results.
  6. Not based on rigorous gymming, weight loss pills, etc.
  7. Promises money-back after 60 days if you’re not satisfied.
  8. Designed for both men and women of all age groups.


  1. Only online copies available.
  2. Information might be overwhelming.
  3. No instant weight/fat loss.
  4. Diligence and discipline required.

Does the Underground Fat Loss Manual Work?

Author Matt Marshall backs his claims and methods with scientific studies. Thus, he attempts to shed light on the myths, lies, and incomplete truths that run the fitness and healthcare industry. There’s no denying that following this manual to the tee for 28 days can be highly effective. You’ll also learn to maintain your body. Besides, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee, in case you’re unsatisfied. 


The main goal of the Underground Fat Loss Manual is to help lose fat in a fast and gradual way. It offers step-by-step methods of achieving a healthy body and mind, inside out. Even your hormonal balance can improve with it. After all, being fit and healthy is more than just looking lean and ripped – though this book covers the latter part quite elaborately.

Health and nutrition writer for DietToSuccess.com. Mother of two and passionate ultramarathon runner. Excited to share great resources with my readers and help them live their best healthy life.

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